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Coordinated Suspicious Package Drops Rock D.C.!

Just last week, the nation was relieved at the news out of Austin, Texas, that their recent monster had been stopped.

Over the previous weeks, the Texas capital had been rocked by a series of deadly bombings that escalated steeply in both frequency and complexity.  Where some packages were left out to be found and accidentally detonated, others were shipped through Fedex or set with a tripwire to cause chaos.

When it was all said and done, the young man responsible for the crimes fell victim to one of his own devices as police were bearing down on him.  Officers endured two blasts during the short-lived car chase; one aimed at them, and one that ultimately took the life of their serial bomber.

And, just as we were catching our collective, national breath, it seems that the nation’s capital is now bearing the brunt of something similar and sinister.

The military is investigating suspicious packages with apparent explosive components at several U.S. military installations in the Washington, D.C., area Monday, a law enforcement official said.

The National Defense University at Ft. McNair in D.C. received a suspicious package about 8:30 a.m., and the building was evacuated.

The package tested positive for black powder, according to Ft. McNair. An X-ray showed what appeared to be GPS and a fuse. It was rendered safe and the building was cleared about 1:15 p.m. The components are being investigated.

A suspicious package sent to Ft. Belvoir in Virginia Monday afternoon contained liquid in a vial and a circuit board, the law enforcement official said. It also was rendered safe. Ft. Belvoir did not provide any more information.

It certainly would not be unheard of for a copycat criminal to be inspired by the Austin bomber or the radical leftists of the nation.  What is peculiar, however, is that the coordination of the planting of these devices.

There are also reports of suspicious packages at the CIA, a Secret Service mail processing facility and a Navy base in Richmond, NBC News Justice Correspondent Pete Williams reported.

This certainly suggests that whoever is responsible for these perceived or actual threats was not working alone.

In the case of Austin’s singular, serial bomber Mark Conditt, one man alone was able to paralyze an entire city from the comfort of his home.  Could our nation’s capital be similarly brought to its knees by a coordinated group of such domestic terrorists?

We will certainly be hearing more about this story in the coming days, and, should signs of a coordinated attack continue, we had better be prepared for what carnage may come.

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