Boycott Right on Target

Most people I have spoken with concerning the Target boycott has given me the same answer. Most think that Target is so big and rich that they would not miss their business. But, what we have to ask is not just what will the immediate cost be, but what will it cost the store in the long run. And as things are going, it is going to be bad.

Breitbart reports

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Sandy Rios, the Director of Government Affairs for the American Family Association (AFA), gave Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon an update on AFA’s Target Boycottefforts, which has now gathered over a million signatures.

“It’s been incredible,” Rios said. “We’ve had quite an outpouring. We have right now 1,137,000 families who signed on to the boycott.”

“Target stocks are dropping. They started dropping the day we announced this boycott,” said Rios. She and Bannon discussed reports that Target has lost as much as $2 billion in market capitalization as a result of the current decline.

Now, this is just those who have decided to let Target know that they will not be coming back. This does not include those who have just decided to shop elsewhere. They have no need to tell anyone; they just feel it is the right thing to do?  What are the numbers like then?  And more importantly, what would they spent over the next ten years?

There are also others, who have taken the fight to Target. Women who have felt they were not considered when this decision was made. These women have begun to cut up their cards. They have set up a place to post these videos and encourage others to do the same.  I have provide links to get the info you need to participate.

Now, if we can just get to the NBA, NFL, and NHL. Hopefully, they will feel the pain as well.

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