BOYCOTT ALERT: Credit Card Company Continues Sponsorship of Assassination Play

The decorum on the left has severely disintegrated during the presidency of Donald Trump, and their continued insistence of depicting The Donald’s demise is downright deplorable.

Between the democrats and the supposed “deep state” operatives working within the federal government, there is no doubt that a myriad of schemes and plans have been hatched behind closed doors with the hope of dispatching the President, either through diplomatic means or, terrifyingly, other processes.  There have been a number of threats of assassination already reported, yet downplayed, by the mainstream media, and a number of effigies and mock executions have been spotted throughout the nation’s left leaning gatherings.

The latest faux-assassination of Donald Trump comes to us from the world of theater, where an interpretation of the stage classic “Julius Caeser” depicts an undeniable facsimile of the President, as the titular character, falling victim to the classic demise of the ancient leader.

In the wake of the play’s classless depictions of a dead American President, a great many sponsors have recused themselves from their financial support of the gore-porn.  One credit card company, however, has refused to honor the wishes of the American people who are disgusted by the play’s subject matter, and will continue to throw their considerable weight behind the production.

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“American Express is trying to have it both ways: Not offending liberal customers who see no problem with the content of a New York City play depicting the assassination of President Trump, while also attempting to claim its dollars aren’t going to support it.

“On Monday, the company followed Delta and Bank of America in expressing its discomfort with the play by the NYC Public Theater.

“’We would like to clarify that our sponsorship of the Public Theater does not fund the production of Shakespeare in the Park nor do we condone the interpretation of the Julius Caesar play,’ the company tweeted.

“That’s only slightly disingenuous, because, as anyone with common sense knows, once the funds go into the Public Theater’s coffers, they mix together and can be used to fund any production.

“And ultimately, the leaders who are making decisions about how to spend American Express’s dollars are the same ones who thought it was appropriate and acceptable to murder a look-alike of the American president.”

Perhaps American Express has not recognized the mighty power of the conservative boycott?  They needn’t look any further than large-scale retailer Target to understand that bucking American values doesn’t end well for a business who relies on American citizens as their primary consumer.

More importantly, we must ask ourselves one all-important question:  How long will we allow the leftist, democratic dimwits to push their tact and  decency to the wayside in order to threaten, insult, and mock the death of our President?  Their campaign of desensitization toward the assassination of the Commander in Chief is frightening enough on its own, but the sheer rallying around the depiction is even more proof that the delusional left is out for blood and must be stopped.


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