The Boy Scouts will Now be the Multi-gendered Scouts

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Don’t look now, parents, but the boy scouts aren’t just for boys anymore!

As of Tuesday the Boy Scouts of America will be accepting a new class of children into their programs and shifting the gender balance from all boys to… mostly boys. Boys Scouts of America Chief Executive Michael Surbaugh announced that the organization would now accepting “transgender boys,” or better understood, little girls who believe they are boys, to join the Scouts program.


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As one of America’s largest youth-serving organizations, the Boy Scouts of America continues to work to bring the benefits of our programs to as many children, families and communities as possible. While we offer a number of programs that serve all youth, Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting are specifically designed to meet the needs of boys. For more than 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America, along with schools, youth sports and other youth organizations, have ultimately deferred to the information on an individual’s birth certificate to determine eligibility for our single-gender programs. However, that approach is no longer sufficient as communities and state laws are interpreting gender identity differently, and these laws vary widely from state to state. Starting today, we will accept and register youth in the Cub and Boy Scout programs based on the gender identity indicated on the application.  Our organization’s local councils will help find units that can provide for the best interest of the child. The Boy Scouts of America is committed to identifying program options that will help us truly serve the whole family, and this is an area that we will continue to thoughtfully evaluate to bring the benefits of Scouting to the greatest number of youth possible – all while remaining true to our core values, outlined in the Scout Oath and Law.

The Boy Scouts of America, as an organization, has been dying for some time now. The BSA has been steadily moving further and further left culturally as they’ve simultaneously abandoned their once stridently held Christian beliefs. The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro explains:

But the left has had the Boy Scouts in its crosshairs for years. The Boy Scouts committed the grave sin of teaching young boys how to be young men, while inculcating basic religious values. That had to be ended through leftist manipulation. First, gay scouts had to be included, despite the group’s religious basis; then, gay scoutmasters had to be included; now, girls must be allowed in so long as they believe they are boys. Naturally, this means that parents who don’t want their boys being confronted with transgender propaganda about the malleability of sex will withdraw their own children. Which will help kill the Boy Scouts. Enrollment in the BSA dropped 6 percent in 2013, then another 7.4 percent in 2014. That’s because teaching the Boy Scout oath without regard to political propaganda — “On my honor, I will do my best. To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight” — no longer matters as much to the Boy Scouts as the government subsidies they are afraid of losing…

The result: the Boy Scouts will continue to fade away. Alternative organizations will grown and be formed. And the only losers will be kids who don’t have alternative organizations to attend, and who would have joined the Boy Scouts but for the organization’s newfound dedication to propaganda regarding gender. 🇺🇸

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