Boy Savagely Raped at Pool — Guess Who’s Arrested

Police in Vienna have arrested an Iraqi immigrant on suspicion of raping a 10-year-old boy at a public pool.

According to the Kronen Zeitung newspaper, the 20-year-old confessed to raping the boy but excused himself, saying it was a “sexual emergency” because he hadn’t had sex in several months.

The attack occurred on December 22, just days before Christmas, when the suspect pulled the boy into a changing stall, pulled down his swim trunks and viciously raped him. The boy cried out for help, but no one heard him.

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The attack was so brutal, the boy had to be hospitalized for internal injuries.

After the rape, the suspect decided it would be fun to spend time diving off the pool’s three-meter board.

The boy eventually gathered the strength to run in tears to a lifeguard who called the police. The suspect was arrested on the spot.

According to published reports, the man told police he hadn’t had sex for four months and “I couldn’t stand not having sex as I have excess sexual energy.”

He claimed that he normally had sex with girls and that he had a wife in Iraq, with whom he had not had sex since the birth of their daughter.

The man entered Austria via the Balkans in September, part of the uncontrolled flood of immigrants entering Europe.

Police asked the man if it was legal to have sex with boys in Iraq, and he replied, “Such a thing is forbidden in any country of the world.” He also said that he knew it would “scar” the boy and that the rape was “a huge mistake.”

Presumably because he was caught.

While we all know it’s wrong to generalize from one instance, it’s impossible for civilized people not to notice that the incidence of such monsters as this rapist seems particularly high among the population of mostly Muslim immigrants currently invading Europe.

So the question becomes at what point do world leaders of Westernized countries throw away the politically correct nonsense and start taking precautions to protect innocent victims such as the 10-year-old Viennese boy or any of the hundreds of women and girls daily suffering sexual assaults in their own previously safe neighborhoods at the hands of barbarians?


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