Liberals Believe I Only Bought A House Because I’m Racist and I Hate My Neighbors

There are about 12 million Americans who, apparently, believe our country is secretly governed by a mysterious and hyper-intelligent race of ‘lizard people’. No seriously, and before you dismiss this as merely the antics of a crazy blogger on the internet, just check out the google image results of Nancy Pelosi. Even if the endless images of bug eyes, botox injected lips, and double eye lids doesn’t land you amongst the 12 million believers, you’ll at least have a better understanding of their point of view.

One point of view, however, that I cannot even begin to comprehend is this perplexing and outrageous idea that this country doesn’t belong to its citizens. No, sir. This country belongs to.. well, everyone else. Anyone else. Anyone who wants to be in this country as long as they vote for people who hate it. If you weren’t already aware, that’s the secret to becoming the ideal liberal voter.

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Come to America.

Hate America.

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Vote against America.

Rinse. Repeat.

Bam! Liberals.

It seems that somewhere around half of America agrees with this because, while Trump is President, he is only so despite losing the popular vote. I don’t say this to in any way devalue Trump’s legitimacy as President. I only want to convey that we’re surrounded by imbeciles nonetheless.

You may have heard Latino celebrity and self-described ‘news anchor’ Jorge Ramos touring the country telling its citizens that this country doesn’t belong to them. See for yourself…

According to Ramos, America doesn’t belong to citizens. I mean, sure, they vote. They pay taxes. Most of them were born here, raised here, and started families of their own here. In America. That is way more than enough to make them citizens. This isn’t opinion, it’s enshrined in the Constitution, the document that, despite existing as an antithetical foundation to leftist ideology, liberals are all too happy to wave around when we criticize the media for outright lying.

And yet, despite working one or two jobs, raising families of good citizens who appreciate the blessing of living in America, and taking the time to stay tuned to world events and act like engaged, law abiding citizens, these patriotic American citizens have to listen to Jorge Ramos condescendingly lecture them about how they have no right to this land. Ramos tells us with glee that America will soon be a ‘minority majority’ country, something that only a race obsessed freak could rail on endlessly about. What’s most important to Ramos is that we understand that America doesn’t belong us in any respect and it would really be best if we would simply surrender our laws, our security, our minds, and our rights as citizens.

America belongs to illegal immigrants now. So just pay your taxes and do as your told while kindly keeping your racist mouth shut.

Should you fail to become enlightened and choose to remain ensconced in the glow of your own ignorance, you will be accused of hating immigrants. ‘Hate’, by the way, is nearly the worst thing a human being could be guilty of. It’s certainly wrong to commit murder, but if you take the next step and involve yourself in a dreaded ‘hate crime’, a new circle of hell and eternal damnation will be reserved for your rotten soul.

There is no space between open borders radicalism and Nazi level hatred as far as Ramos is concerned. That’s the go-to liberal retort, especially when your opinion is so blatantly common sensical that the only way to refute it successfully is to shout it down with cries of “RACISM”. There are enough radical leftists in this country who respond to the howl like a zombie in the Walking Dead, eager to get their share of flesh. It keeps them alive, but only barely, because they’re dead at heart and virtually brainless, like liberals. But I digress.

I can’t think of a single other instance in our own lives where we hold ourselves to this twisted standard, that demanding immigrants come to our country through the legal system automatically means you hate immigrants. It literally makes no sense. I doubt very much the average liberal would agree that the only reason to own a home is because you hate your neighbors. Or that the reason the White House has a fence around it is because the President hates their voters. Do liberals believe, in all honesty, that the reason we have an immigration system is because we hate immigrants? It’s absurd, and it’s pathetic that they can’t be bothered to hear us out. They’re incapable of anything less than, when confronted with an ‘open borders denier’, automatically shifting to the ‘racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic’ playbook. It’s getting boring, really. I’d just ignore it if it didn’t wreak such havoc on my kid’s future.

Why have a faucet for your bath tub that directs the water, manages the temperature, the rate of flow, and gives the user a proper amount of control over their bath? Is there really a reason for this? Wouldn’t it be easier to save the money on the hardware and leave the water pipe open ended? You could do it. You could let your bath tub flood uncontrollably, pouring over onto the floor and ruining the tile, rotting the sub-floor, incurring all sorts of costs in repairs and maintenance, and leaving anyone who needs a bath with a big bill and a miserable, frustrating experience.

But that would be stupid. It would be as foolish as believing America is run by lizard people.

Having borders doesn’t mean you hate your neighbors, it means you love them. It means you value your security and theirs, and that establishing a system of law and order allows the law abiding citizens to thrive, to engage in commerce, to worship, and to live otherwise peaceful lives in a country that protects and values their ability to do so. It means that your respect them as a culture and a country to establish their own policies and ways of living as a people so long as they return the respect in kind.

Every time morons (and suspected lizard-persons) like Jorge Ramos devalue this system of sovereign nations and secure borders, they undermine the very thing they pretend to defend.


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