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Boston Globe Pushes Theory That Pence is Preparing for Presidency

The liberal media has long pushed the insane conspiracy theory that Donald Trump won’t make it to the end of his first term.

In reality, that sentence was a bit of a misnomer.  The liberal media is actually pushing several theories as to why the fairly elected President won’t continue his rein to 2020, not the least of which involves a massively fraudulent claim that Trump is a covert Russian operative who is ready and able to sell America out from underneath We The People.  Beyond that wide-ranging set of accusations, a number of strange allusions have been made about just how Trump will be deposed by the democrats.

Regardless of the method, however, the left has consistently pushed a narrative in which Trump becomes an ex-President far sooner than 2020, and today is no exception.  This latest affront to the conservative President comes to us from the Boston Globe, who insinuates that Mike Pence is in the midst of preparing for the Oval Office.

“Renée Graham’s Tuesday column, titled Mike Pence Looks Like He’s Ready to Pounce on the Presidency, argues that Pence likely took the position as Trump’s running mate last year because he thought “the chaotic Trump campaign” would give way to ‘a calamitous Trump presidency.’

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“Graham also noted that while Pence has gotten a lawyer to protect himself from the Russia investigation, he seems to be acting like the Trump-Russia collusion allegations won’t affect him politically.

“There may be something to Graham’s line of thinking, as Pence’s statement on Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney seems like he’s attempting to distance himself from the whole situation, although this is something that Pence’s spokesperson denies. It’s possible that Pence is looking out for himself regardless, or he has bigger plans in mind.”

This is the sideways logic of the liberal base at work.

By simply imagining a world in which Trump is unable to complete his first term, the left has found a way to sleep more soundly at night.  That is the only explanation for these ridiculous assertions and continued anti-Trump rhetoric.  No political figure has jumped aboard the Trump Train simply to garner their own success – the idea itself is absolutely absurd.  Regardless of this certainty, however, the left has refused to allow their Trump-hate to simmer down, inadvertently creating a panic among the radical left that continues to violently lash out at America’s conservative base.

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