Boston Cops Give Feds The Finger Over Sessions’ Pathetic Pot Policy

While the current administration is claiming to be making American great again, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made an enormous step backwards in the realm of personal freedom.

Just days ago, Sessions rolled back an Obama-era policy that instructed federal law enforcement agencies to take a “hands off” approach when it came to legal marijuana use in a number of American states.  (At this time, well over half of the states in the nation have some form of either legal, medicinal, or decriminalized marijuana available to citizens).

Now, under Sessions, federal agents will again be allowed to raid pot dispensaries in states such as Colorado, which has enjoyed an enormous economic boom since their legalization efforts proved successful in 2014.  Not only is Sessions’ decision jeopardizing a number of small and medium sized businesses in states such as Colorado, Washington, and California, it runs the risk of sending otherwise innocent and nonviolent offenders into our already overworked legal system.

In other words, Sessions’ actions only behoove the Big Pharmaceutical lobby, whose opioid-induced stranglehold on America is threatened by the increasing uses of the marijuana plant.

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Now, as Boston prepares for its own hashish homecoming, local police are letting the feds know exactly how they feel about the Attorney General’s overstep…and it’s not pretty.

“If the feds bust any local pot shops, they’ll be on their own — state police and Boston cops won’t assist in any crackdown on businesses that are legal under state law, local authorities said.

“Public Safety Secretary Daniel Bennett, who oversees the state police, told the Herald yesterday, ‘We have a state law that we’re intending to enforce, and the state law was voted on by the people of Massachusetts. We have no intention of raiding a pot shop that is legal under state law.’

“Boston police spokesman Detective Lt. Michael McCarthy told the Herald in a statement last night: ‘Similar to our position on immigration, the BPD will not actively enforce federal marijuana laws at the local level. We will continue to enforce local drug laws to keep our neighborhoods safe.’

“Earlier this week, Massachusetts-based U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said in a statement he could not guarantee the medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational pot shops, cultivators and customers would be immune from federal prosecution. This comes after Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama-era memo that shielded businesses in states that had legalized marijuana.”

This is precisely the sort of governmental overstep that many believed President Trump would safeguard against, given the massive economic impact that marijuana has had on our nation already.

Unfortunately distracted by some of the more pressing issues in the nation, (namely a nuclear standoff with North Korea and trying to get Congress to do anything), Trump has been a bit too hands-off with Sessions and his bizarre hemp hatred.

Until the President steps in to settle the issue, the sentiment of the Boston PD will likely spread.

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