Border Patrol President says Ted Cruz is “Our Advocate” in Congress

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The leader of the National Border Patrol Council, an organization that represents some 18,000 men and women who daily do their best to defend our borders, recently told C-SPAN that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is their “advocate” in Congress.

It’s high praise from the organization’s head, and it’s not undeserved. Before President Trump entered the 2016 election fray, Senator Cruz was, the GOP candidates, far and away the most consistent supporter of a stronger border defense. While Senator Cruz may not have had the flair for the dramatic that President Trump brought to the border debate, many of the ideas that candidate Trump floated on the campaign trail had already been voiced by Senator Cruz.

The difference between the two men? The wall, and the way they talked about illegal immigration. Senator Cruz supports President Trump’s efforts to build a wall, but as someone who is politically savvy he knew that the way he spoke about illegal immigration had to be tempered. However, when candidate Trump came along all of the “rules” for how politicians should speak went out the window, and people were suddenly embracing politically incorrect language about illegal immigration and border defense.

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While Cruz may have lost his fight for the GOP nomination, the men and women who serve in the border patrol haven’t forgotten all of the good work he has done to help them do their jobs. Recently during an interview on C-SPAN, Border Patrol Agent Brandon Judd, speaking as president of the National Border Patrol Council, praised Senator Cruz and gave him the credit for much of the what the border patrol has been able to accomplish in recent years.

“We have to have an advocate in Congress, which I believe is Ted Cruz… If you look at the ideas [Cruz] has come up with, he is talking about illicit traffic. This is a huge drug problem. The opioids flowing across the southwest border right now. What Ted Cruz has proposed is any funds that are seized through illicit traffic would then go toward the border wall. That’s ingenious. It is the outside of the box thinking that I think we need in Congress.”

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