Border Failure: 1,400 Pounds of Marijuana Enters U.S. Via Mexico IN ONE DAY


The southern border of the United States has been woefully insecure for the decades, allowing all manner of debauchery to seep through into the land of the free.

Not only is our current border security wholly unable to stem the tide of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S., it has also been entirely inept as it pertains to curbing the illegal transport of drugs from Mexico.

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While ruthless drug cartels are tearing Mexico apart limb from limb, sometimes literally, U.S. dollars are flowing into their hands as it has become far too simple for these evil-doers to access the American drug market.  Evidence of this can be witnessed everyday in states such as Arizona, however, today’s latest in the war on Mexican drug cartels was a doozy.

“Early Monday morning, agents assigned to the Ajo Station began tracking a group of drug mules who had crossed the border in Gila Bend. The agents observed the group carrying large backpacks as they marched through the desert, information obtained from Tucson Sector Public Affairs Spokesman Jack Loudermilk revealed.

“Agents caught up with the group as they entered a wash near Main Street in Gila Bend. As agents approached the group, the ‘drug mules’ dropped their backpacks and fled into town. Agents recovered 33 bundles of marijuana weighing 690 pounds. A K-9 agent helped in the recovery effort.”

And this was just one of several prominent busts on Monday alone.

“In total, agents seized 1,400 pounds of marijuana worth nearly $700,000.

“Yuma and Tucson Sector agents cover the southwestern border across Arizona and into eastern California.”

To add to the growing list of reasons why a wall between the United States and Mexico is absolutely necessary, and why we must maintain our national sovereignty, each one of these transports was conducted by illegal aliens to the U.S.

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