Marine Documentary

One of the Best Documentaries on the Marine Corps. Watch The Entire Film Here. [VIDEO]

Described as the ancient of all the military and the nation’s first line of defense, this documentary provides an excellent overview of the U.S. Marine Corps. From its historic beginnings, to its modern-day culture, and time-honored symbols and values, the Marines are the last people America’s enemies want to meet. Marines’ code of conduct enables them to adapt to extraordinary circumstances.


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The bloodiest battle in Marine Corps history fought at Iwo Jima, endured 36 days and cost 26,000 American lives. The flag raised on the fourth day became the ethos of the Marine Corps.

iwo jima


On November 10, 1775 the Continental Congress commissioned “two Battalions of Marines be raised” for service as landing forces for the recently formed Continental Navy. Over the last 240 years Marines have executed more than 300 landings on foreign soil.

Today, there are roughly more than 200,000 active-duty and reserve Marines, divided into three divisions stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina; Camp Pendleton, California; and Okinawa, Japan. Each division has several expeditionary units capable of launching major operations anywhere in the world on short notice.


The “Marines’ Hymn” is the official hymn of the United States Marine Corps. It is the oldest official song in the United States military. 🇺🇸

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