Bookie Sees Putin Pow-Wow As Path to POTUS Impeachment, Shifts Odds

At the center of American culture today burns a smoky, uncontrolled rage that threatens to obscure our national vision for miles all around.

That rage was born out of a terribly underhanded maneuver made by former President Barack Obama to infiltrate the Trump 2016 campaign with FBI assets, attempting to then pin a Russian collusion scheme on then-candidate Trump.  Hillary Clinton, the doomed democratic diva on the other side of the 2016 election, would then insinuate this very outcome time and again during the debates that preceded her electoral evisceration, attempting to sow the seeds of discord among the American electorate.

The only real flaw in this dastardly plan was that Hillary Clinton became the chosen messenger.

As far as corruption goes, Clinton herself has no equals, and the American people were well aware of this fact as the election dragged on.  Clinton went on to be utterly embarrassed on election night, having not even prepared a concession speech in the even of a loss.

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Now, as the left continues to push this wild conspiracy theory to its limits after Trump and Putin held their joint press conference in Helsinki on Monday, the oddsmakers of the world have taken notice, adjusting the odds of a Trump impeachment by a great deal.

The chances that President Trump will be impeached are rising, according to one Irish bookmaker, one day after Trump refused to denounce Russian meddling in the 2016 election following a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Paddy Power increased the likelihood of Trump being impeached on Tuesday from 8-1 to 2-1, according to Yahoo News. The news outlet first reported that the betting company also increased the likelihood of Trump being impeached this year, from 12-1 to 8-1.

“After the carnage of the last few days, we’ve seen plenty of punters Putin money on Trump’s impeachment again — although I’m sure they’ll soon get a message, in Russian, urging them to stop,” a Paddy Power spokesman told Yahoo News.

The odds of Trump’s impeachment increasing comes after his high-stakes summit with Putin in Finland, where he drew widespread condemnation for the comments he made during a joint press conference.

This is all in reaction to the unkempt rage of the radical left, who have been on a tear in recent days attempting to drum up support for their anti-Trump maneuvers.

Unfortunately for the democrats, until Robert Mueller concludes his witch hunt, the left will have little to no ammunition to push on the impeachment front.  And, by the looks of what Mueller has already “accomplished”, even a completed investigation could exonerate the President.

It seems quite obvious what the issue is here:  The democrats are concerned that their monopoly on rigging elections may be coming to an end.

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