Raiders Take Race War to Quarterback, Allegedly Throw Game to Protest

Amid the controversy surrounding the bizarre and unpatriotic behavior of a great many NFL players and administrators this week, something even more sinister is lurking.

Beginning late last season with has-been backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick, an increasing number of low-level NFL players have joined in on purposefully insulting protests in which they kneel or otherwise abstain from properly addressing the U.S. flag during the signing of our National Anthem.  The fact that they chose such an offensive gesture is no mistake either, as the idea was to create maximum exposure for these otherwise ignorable athletes.

Now, after U.S. President Donald Trump parroted the emotional response of the American people regarding these actions, the protests have taken on a new life as part of the liberal “resistance” to Trump himself, tearing their original meaning away from the Black Live Matter hate group that inspired them in the first place.

It seems, however, that the racism of Black Lives Matter may have reared its ugly head once again, in a game-fixing scandal that is currently rocking the NFL, but being ignored by the mainstream media.

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The unbelievable reality of what happened on the Oakland Raiders’ offensive line must not be ignored, according to an anonymous source working with the Armstrong & Getty sports radio program.

“Star Quarterback Derek Carr – who happens to be white – was not sacked a single time during the last season. But things were different for this game.

“’So Derek Carr, who is never sacked – was sacked four times by the Redskins, back to back on the second offensive series of the Raiders,’ the host said.

“’The first series he threw almost immediately was intercepted, so that series was over before it began,’ they said.

“’Also, three times, the extremely dependable, never-does-this center – the guy who snaps the ball to the quarterback – snapped it before Carr was ready … three times. He “hiked” it – as the kids say – into Carr’s knees before he was supposed to.’

“The assumption here is that the Oakland Raiders purposely threw the game against the Redskins as a demonstration to Carr.

“Armstrong & Getty pointed out that one of their fellow players said ‘If he wants to stand alone (for the National Anthem), he can stand alone on the field.’”

The radio hosts have told listeners that their source for this information is “extremely reliable”.

While this abhorrent behavior will likely never be admitted to by any of the Oakland Raiders, statistical analysis of the game combined with this unnamed source make for an extremely valid argument about at least one NFL team attempting to spark a race war on the field.  Not only did the alleged actions of the offensive line taint the integrity of the game at a time that Roger Goodell is pulling out his hair over ratings and lost revenue, but their allowance of Carr to be continually sacked poses a real danger to the health of the human being behind the helmet.

Millionaires cheating at sports to prove a pedantic point is shameful enough, but allowing your fellow teammate to become a victim of bodily harm to stoke your own racism is downright unacceptable.

Americans would like to believe that someone would get to the bottom of this, but it is unlikely that the greedy and needy Roger Goodell will even acknowledge this auxiliary issue in the face of the dumpster fire over which he presides.




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