After Bogus Vegas Claim, ISIS Now Celebrating ANOTHER American Disaster

ISIS has had very little direct impact in the United States since the onset of President Trump’s first term, and that has caused a bit of outrage from the radical Islamic terror group.

President Trump’s tough stance on national security, and the awakening of the American conservative majority has essentially neutered ISIS’ ability to strike within the United States.  Simply put, our nation of patriots is far too dangerous a place for radical Islamic jihadists to effectively conduct the sorts of operations that they are currently engaged in within the European continent and the Middle East.

That hasn’t stopped the band of bastards from feebly claiming that they are on the warpath in the states, however.

Shortly after retired millionaire Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of conservative country music fans in Las Vegas, ISIS was all over the internet blabbing about how they had radicalized Paddock just before his rampage.  Investigators have debunked the radical group’s claims, lambasting ISIS for their rampant opportunism at the expense of 58 casualties.  Furthermore, the group’s dubious claims exuded a pathetic panache not formerly seen within the embattled terrorist organization.

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Now, ISIS is once again celebrating an American tragedy that they had nothing to do with:  California’s rampant wildfires.

“The Islamic State included a report on the California wildfires in the news briefs section of their weekly newsletter, noting the property damage estimates and death toll of blazes that were the ‘worst in the history’ of the state.

“ISIS, which has encouraged followers to try arson as a terror tactic, did not take credit for starting any of the blazes.

“‘Strong winds hindered the efforts’ in fighting the blazes, the terror group noted in al-Naba, a 16-page color newsletter distributed within ISIS territory and online as a PDF, while citing California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as saying some bodies had been burned beyond recognition and would be difficult to identify. ‘Thousands of people became homeless,’ ISIS said, adding stats from earlier in the week on ‘the most destructive fire in the history of the state.'”

This opportunistic arrogance is just the latest sign that the terror group is weakening after continued military defeats in the Middle East and beyond.

ISIS’ only real claim to fame at this point is their extraordinarily violent streak of attacks throughout the European continent, where the EU has all but rolled out the red carpet for the terror group by imposing refugee mandates within its member nations that allow the radical Islamic group to move their operatives freely throughout nations such as England, Germany, and France.

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