Body Cam in Baltimore, Maryland Nails Crooked Cop Planting Drugs

The debate over the use of police body cameras has been raging since long before Black Lives Matter began shooting at the police, but now, an unexpected use of the technology has come to Baltimore.

The city of Baltimore has been unable to cultivate much a positive reputation in recent decades.  In part, this could be due to the smash HBO television series The Wire painting the east coast town as a haven for drug dealers, gang violence, and a police force comprised equally of too-drunk-to-function detectives, crooked cops, and incompetent administrators.  On the other hand, Baltimore has done a mighty fine job of creating their own troubles as well, with a terrifying murder rate and an enormous underground drug market.

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Now, even as much of the city is focused on revitalizing the image of “Charm City”, one desperate police officer has set the entire force back 20 years with a despicable move caught on his own body camera.

“A Baltimore officer was caught on his own body cam apparently placing drugs at the scene of a crime; the defendant in that case was scheduled to face trial on the charges this week.

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“The officer was accompanied by two other officers at the time. He looked as if he left a bag of pills under some garbage in an alley, then walked back out to the street. But unbeknownst to him, his body cam was activated before he placed the drugs.

“As Justin Fenton, crime reporter for the Baltimore Sun, reported, the public defender for the city warned other city defense attorneys that if they had a case dependent on any of the three officers, they should request disclosure of their IAD records:

 Fox Baltimore reported that the public defender reviewed the footage, then contacted the prosecutor, who responded, ‘I’ve passed it up and we are all appalled … something is going to happen because of this revelation.’ The charges against the defendant were dropped the next day.”

Tales of police corruption are certainly nothing new for Baltimore, but the implementation of body cameras has long thought to be an insurance policy of sorts for officers who must use deadly force in the line of duty.

Former President Barack Obama’s body camera initiative of 2015 began during a spate of police-involved shootings that captured the attention of the nation.  Specifically, in weeding through these incidents, a domestic terror group known as Black Lives Matter began promoting any such incidents in which a caucasian officer used deadly force against an African American suspect.  Preying on the emotions of the black community, Black Lives Matter quickly fomented their “activism” into terrorism, with attacks on police in Dallas, Texas among other locales.



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