Bobby Jindal: #NeverTrump Campaign Helps Hillary [VIDEO]

If the #NeverTrump campaign helps Hillary is it really a conservative movement?

The Louisiana Governor spoke to Sean Hannity about how he thought the #NeverTrump campaign helps Hillary Clinton:

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The governor has a point in my opinion. Would Trump be worse than Hillary Clinton as president? It is hard to see how.

I appreciated Jindal’s point that no one is obligated to vote for Trump. But when John McCain ran in 2008, a lot of conservatives voted for him because the only alternative was Barack Obama. I simply don’t understand why this is so different. Sometimes it makes sense to choose the lesser of two evils, if one chooses to participate in an election.

I have to admit that I am sad and a little nauseated that Trump is the presumptive nominee. But I know he is what a majority of the Republican voters want. There is much to fear in my estimation from a Trump presidency. But there is more to hope for from a Trump presidency than a Hillary presidency.

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