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Bob Woodward’s Latest Book Implicates WH Staff in Bizarre Behavior

Once again, we find ourselves staring down the barrel of yet another book aimed at damaging the Trump White House, but, this time, it could backfire big time.

Previously, a number of authors have claimed that their access to the White House had led them to believe that disarray was the prevailing theme of the Trump administration.  Despite the obvious and undeniable successes of The Donald and his team, there were no shortage of attacks and scandals, some wholly fabricated, that were meant to delegitimize his reign in the eyes of the American people.

Just think about how many times you heard that Donald Trump was “unfit for office” during the election.  Now multiply that by an order of magnitude and you’ll be on the right track to gauging the anger of the liberal left.

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The latest author to sling his slanderous arrows at the impenetrable chest plate of the Commander in Chief is Bob Woodward who, in this forthcoming book, reveals that staff within the White House seems to be working to actively undermine the President himself.

A central theme of the book is the stealthy machinations used by those in Trump’s inner sanctum to try to control his impulses and prevent disasters, both for the president personally and for the nation he was elected to lead.

Woodward describes “an administrative coup d’etat” and a “nervous breakdown” of the executive branch, with senior aides conspiring to pluck official papers from the president’s desk so he couldn’t see or sign them.

It gets worse when former economic adviser Gary Cohn gets involved…

Cohn, a Wall Street veteran, tried to tamp down Trump’s strident nationalism regarding trade. According to Woodward, Cohn “stole a letter off Trump’s desk” that the president was intending to sign to formally withdraw the United States from a trade agreement with South Korea. Cohn later told an associate that he removed the letter to protect national security and that Trump did not notice that it was missing.

Cohn made a similar play to prevent Trump from pulling the United States out of the North American Free Trade Agreement, something the president has long threatened to do. In spring 2017, Trump was eager to withdraw from NAFTA and told Porter: “Why aren’t we getting this done? Do your job. It’s tap, tap, tap. You’re just tapping me along. I want to do this.”

Under orders from the president, Porter drafted a notification letter withdrawing from NAFTA. But he and other advisers worried that it could trigger an economic and foreign relations crisis. So Porter consulted Cohn, who told him, according to Woodward: “I can stop this. I’ll just take the paper off his desk.”

No wonder the President is constantly shuffling the staff that he surrounds himself with; they are all treacherous rats, apparently.

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