Blockbuster Report from CNN: The FBI used Discredited “Trump Dossier” to get FISA Warrant on Trump Associate

This is huge news because it simply furthers the narrative that the Obama administration was knowingly targeting Trump for political reasons.

The so-called “Trump Dossier” is a pile of information that has been discredited by everyone from lowly media figures to intelligence agency leaders. Yet, for some reason, the FBI decided to go ahead and use the trumped up file to extract a FISA warrant on Carter Page, a former Trump campaign team member. The Obama era leaders of most of our intelligence agencies have argued that the Trump dossier holds no credible value, and even the FBI has attempted to distance itself from the explosive but wholly fallacious set of documents.

CNN’s Evan Perez has the story:

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“U.S. officials tell CNN that last year the FBI used a dossier of allegations of Russian ties to Donald Trump’s campaign as part of the justification to get approval to secretly monitor Trump associate Carter Page. Now those sources say that FBI Director James Comey has cited the dossier in some of his briefings to Congress in recent weeks as one of the sources of information that the bureau used to bolster its investigation.

This includes approval from the secret court that overseas the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, known as FISA, to monitor Page’s communications. But to obtain permission to target Page, the FBI and the Justice Department would have to present probable cause that he was acting as an agent of a foreign power. Including possibly engaging in clandestine intelligence gathering for a foreign government.”

This story is explosive for several reasons, first it means that President Obama likely lied about when he “first heard” the story. The former President told the media that he learned of the dossier in December of 2016, but if the FBI used the dossier to get a FISA warrant back in July, then the President would have been made aware of the report much earlier.

As Zerohedge points out, the dossier is so ridiculous that it was discredited almost immediately once it appeared in public.

Of course, as we reported back in January (see “Here Is The Full 35-Page Report Alleging Trump Was “Cultivated, Supported And Assisted” By Russia“) the dossier, compiled by ex-British intelligence official Chris Steele, was almost immediately discredited by the public at large after numerous glaring errors were quickly identified and salicious stories of ‘golden showers’ and other sexual acts were also dismissed as pure rubbish.

It’s been reported that the Clinton campaign had an early copy of the dossier but quickly decided against using it because they realized the reports were false. This means that the FBI should have also known that most of the allegations it held were dubious. The fact that the dossier was so easily disprovable, makes one wonder why the FBI would use it to get a FISA warrant? It begs the question, did the FBI knowingly mislead the FISA court in an effort to get a warrant to spy directly on the Trump team?

The target of the FISA warrant, Carter Page, is promising to strike back at the surveillance state.

The more we learn about the massive effort to spy on the Trump campaign team (and then on the Trump transition team) the more likely it seems that the group was being targeted for political reasons. For well over a year intelligence agencies from around the world have been spying on the Trump universe and then reporting what they learned back to the Obama Justice Department, not a single shred of evidence that anyone has done anything wrong has ever surfaced and yet it seems that everyone on the Obama team was intensely concerned about what Trump was doing. At some point, the media is going to have to start taking seriously the idea that the Obama administration was misusing our intelligence agencies and the Justice Department for political gain.


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