Blitzer Blasts Clapper’s Clearance Kerfuffle as “National Security” Threat

For those of us who have worked in a supervisory or managerial role previously, the idea of a “clean break” from the previous leadership makes perfect sense.

As an example, nearly any establishment with a safe or locks will look to update those security measures the moment that an “in-the-know” employee moves on, for whatever reason.  It’s simple, common sense stuff that, for some reason, seems to be completely unheard of to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer contended Monday night that if President Trump revokes the clearance of CNN national security analyst James Clapper it would constitute a “potential national security threat.”

Blitzer made the comments in the wake of the announcement by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders that Trump views Clapper, as well as former CIA Director John Brennan, ex-FBI Director James Comey, former NSA Director Michael Hayden, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as abusing their positions by taking jobs with the media.

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Sanders contended that the former Obama officials, intrinsically linked to the ‘deep state’ which Trump frequently refers to, have “politicized the process” by taking jobs at MSNBC and CNN.

Blitzer made the comments after his panel argued that revoking security clearance from the former officials would amount to restricting their ‘free speech’.

This is a patently ridiculous claim by Blitzer, after Clapper and other former Obama administration officials have found themselves in the crosshairs of a President who has been plagued by leaks and security issues for the entirety of his time in the Oval Office.

Furthermore, former President Barack Obama’s own admission of staying in Washington D.C. in order to “keep tabs” on President Trump becomes only more worrisome as you consider the chaos that an angry democratic operative such as James Clapper could create with the keys to the castle still in his possession.

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