David Hogg

BLIND LEADING THE BLIND: Michael Moore Shuts Down David Hogg

There are few liberal pundits on this planet more viscerally irritating than Michael Moore, and David Hogg is certainly part of that “elite” club.

The youngster rose to prominence after become a vocal opponent of the Second Amendment after 16 of his classmates were slain by mentally deranged former student Nikolas Cruz in Parkland, Florida.  This, along with a number of college rejections, led David Hogg down a path of foregoing his higher education in order to pursue a year in political activism, but, based on his beliefs about the right to bear arms, many Americans likely believe that some extra schooling would be in order of the young “crusader”.

And education is precisely what he received at the hands of fellow liberal blowhard Michael Moore, who was forced to correct Hogg on several occasions during a live event, even going so far as to remove the microphone from the enthusiastically erroneous hands of the youngster.

Yikes.  That was tough to watch, even though we’re not big fans of either of those gentlemen.

Hogg’s naiveté and overzealous nature have combined to create spectacularly embarrassing instances for the young “activist”, who was not only caught giving an extremely ill-advised salute in Washington DC, but has also stumbled about on Twitter, finding himself being schooled several times regarding the Second Amendment on this highly visible platform.


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