More Blacks Voted for Trump but… Media Says He’s Racist!

Arguably, Donald Trump won the presidency because of how blacks voted.

The media doesn’t often mention that blacks voted for Trump in surprising numbers because it doesn’t fit the story they want to tell. They’d rather tell about the minority cast of the musical Hamilton preaching “diversity” to Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

Ironically, Alexander Hamilton was the inventor and proponent of the Electoral College.

But the story that Trump is an enemy of minorities is a lie.

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Remember this speech?

According to AFP, it worked!

On North Avenue, young black men with nothing to do wander past boarded-up buildings and dilapidated shops. It is a sad, desolate landscape.

They and other African Americans in Milwaukee contributed to Hillary Clinton’s crushing defeat in the presidential election: not only did they not vote for her, as had been expected, some even backed Donald Trump.

Wisconsin’s largest city is also America’s most racially segregated one, according to a study based on the 2010 census.

And Wisconsin served up one of the biggest surprises of an election day that shocked America and the world: no one thought the midwestern state would fall to the Republican billionaire.

Clinton was so sure of victory she did not even bother to campaign here after the Democratic primaries, instead sending her daughter Chelsea or her husband, former president Bill Clinton.

“She probably thought she had Wisconsin wrapped up,” said Ronald Roberts, a 67 year old retiree, as he left a shop called Bill the Butcher. Its aging sign is missing the R.

“You can’t take the voters for granted because they’ll stay home,” said Roberts, who used to work as an auto mechanic.

That is just what happened here, according to exit polls taken on November 8. Stop anyone in this part of town, where there is not a white person in sight, and they will tell you as much.

“I feel that she is no better than Trump. That’s why I didn’t vote,” said Brittany Mays, a young woman who works in a beauty salon.

Around her decay abounds: empty housing developments or boarded up homes symbolizing the economic woes of families that fell on very hard times.

As reported by the Washington Post, Trump performed better with black voters than Romney did in 2012 and McCain did in 2008. Perhaps that is an unfair comparison because Trump wasn’t running against a young, black guy. But he also did at least as well as George Bush did in 2000.

African Americans didn’t flip to the Republican Party. But the predictions that minorities were too offended by Trump to vote for him proved untrue. And between those who voted for Trump and those who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary, they may have helped flip at least Wisconsin from red to blue.

African Americans weren’t the only minority to surprise the “experts” in how they voted.

Trump performed as well as McCain did with Latino voters in 2008, and did only somewhat worse than Bush in 2000 — which is surprising given the way that Trump launched his campaign with incendiary remarks about Mexican rapists, kicked out a prominent Mexican American journalist from a news conference, and questioned the fairness of Hispanic judges.

The media tried to use those stories to hurt Trump and portray him as a champion of racism. The voters didn’t buy it. The video below is much more accurate in its portrayal of Trump. I don’t approve of all of it, but it does show you why blacks voted for Trump.

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