BlackLivesMatter Protesters Sentenced to Prison for Blocking Highway!

Since the loose agglomeration that calls itself Black Lives Matter came into existence in 2013, a dilemma for law enforcement has been how to deal with protesters who break the law by doing stupid and dangerous things like blocking highways.

Different police departments and prosecutors in different locales have handled the issue in different ways. In your left-leaning communities, the authorities simply watch the protesters blocking the roadway and sympathize with their cause. In blue, blue Massachusetts, as an example, protesters who blocked traffic on the interstate, which included an ambulance rushing an 82-year-old man to the hospital, were not only spared jail time but refused to apologize.

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In the more centrist locales they grin and bear the nonsense for fear of being labeled racists and exacerbating the problem.

Then there are the right-leaning communities, like Richmond, Va., where those who break the law by blocking a public roadway are promptly arrested, charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced to jail…


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