Black Trump Supporter says This about “White Guilt”

A recent interview conducted on CNN had some revealing and honest information presented from the perspective of a black Trump supporter.

CNN’s Ryan Nobles was  at a Pro-Trump rally that was headlined mostly by minority Trump supporters. The rally was called the “Mother of All Rallies” and was held in Washington, D.C.

While the event’s main purpose was to highlight the diverse background of President Trump’s many supporters, Nobles tried to make it sound as if the organizers were somehow hostile to “people of diverse perspectives.” As rally organizer Diante Johnson soon explained, that assumption just isn’t so. In fact, the rally was a response to the media’s hostility to Trump supporters and to the President himself.

One of the most interesting moments in the discussion though comes when Johnson offers his perspective on “white guilt.”

Diante Johnson: “It’s important for me to be here because I stand for unity. As the president of Black Conservative Federation, of course I need to come here, but also I like to see these things. I like to see us coming together, rallying together. And this is kind of like a Trump reunion. Everyone, a lot of people here, we found out that we were Facebook friends, we’ve been defending each other, but we never met each other in person. So, there’s a lot of us here. Like I said, I worked on the Trump campaign, I worked on the Dr. Carson campaign. I am politically active. I do political strategy work. I just love the President, I love what he’s doing and what he’s going to do.

Ryan Nobles: “There are clearly a lot of prominent African-American leaders that feel differently than you do about the President. What do they have wrong about their perception of Donald Trump?”

Diante Johnson: “They don’t have the research. They haven’t done the research. The thing about it is, if you do the research, if you actually — President Trump, I read a book, ‘The Art of the Deal.’ If you read it, you would know exactly how he operates and why he does what he does. He’s playing 3-D chess.”

Ryan Nobles: “I’ve seen some shirts here today, one shirt that said ‘No White Guilt,’ things like that. There have been some messages that might not be that open to folks with diverse perspectives. What would your message be to folks like that?”

Diante Johnson: “When it comes to ‘No White Guilt,’ I agree with that. I actually just made a post about it on my page and a video about it, is that there is — there are some white Americans that feel guilty for what their ancestors did, this and that and the thing about it is they shouldn’t have to feel guilty. This is America.”

Ryan Nobles: “And just let me correct myself. That was actually Diante Johnson, the founder of the Conservative Black Foundation. He was one of the many African-Americans speakers that spoke today at this rally. An effort by this group to show a diversity of support for President Donald Trump. There’s no doubt though, the majority of people that were here were certainly white, but we did see a cross section of Americans and the goal here was to get out of this situation peacefully and they were able to do that. Boris?”

White guilt is the media driven narrative that white Americans should feel shame for the “privilege” that they’ve been born with. The theory of privilege and guilt have become bludgeons which the left uses to ignore debate and simply declare themselves the winner. If a white person objects to the “guilt” or “privilege” labels, he is immediately labeled as a supporter of systemic racism. If a minority objects to those labels being applied to whites, they are immediately labeled “ignorant” and attacked as an “Uncle Tom,” or a “useful idiot.”

It’s a completely disgusting strategy.

The National Review’s David French on the how the topic of “white privilege” has become twisted into something completely unhelpful and racist.

Every topic is racialialized, and every time it’s racialized, injustice is presumed. Honestly, you have to experience academic conversations on race to understand how truly unhinged they can be. 

Discussion of “white privilege” has gone from interesting and thoughtful to stupid and malicious at the speed of social justice.

There is a fascinating debate to be had about the nature of “privilege” in America — including who has real privilege and how it shapes our nation — but we’re definitely not having it. Instead, we get presumptions, paranoia, shout-downs, and power plays. There’s no intent to persuade, only bully and shame.

It may be the path to power for some, but it is most certainly not the path to peace, true justice, or real racial reconciliation. 

Canadian professor Dr. Jordan Peterson destroyed the ideas of white privilege and white guilt in a lecture he gave some time ago.

The two philosophical theories, white guilt and white privilege, are very dangerous. These are exactly the kinds of philosophies that could lead us down very ugly, even monstrous paths. Labeling an entire group of people based solely on one aspect of their personhood is always a road to perdition and we should fight against it with every ounce of our beings. White, black, brown, or other – racism must be fought against tooth and nail, and these ideas of white guilt and white privilege are the very definition of racist.


Onan Coca

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