Black Racist Trump Haters Calling for White Genocide

Imagine what would happen if a conservative organization went public with a cry for black genocide? What if they warned white people that dating or associating with black Americans was wrong and would not be tolerated?

What if those declarations were made at a public event in front of hundreds of people?

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Every black activist would be screaming racism and hate crime. Every liberal Democrat would be calling for legal action based on racial discrimination, hate language and inciting public violence. The liberal mainstream media would be all over it like flies on a pile of dead fish. Everyone would be in a huge uproar.

Yet when a black American says the same things about white people, it’s not considered wrong. It’s not racist. It’s not a hate crime. The liberal mainstream media would be in full support.

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Welcome to today’s America. It’s ironic that the same liberals who would promote the rights of black Americans to call for the genocide of all whites are the same ones who preach ‘social justice’, when in fact they only want preferential treatment and privileges for the far left over normal conservative Americans.

In today’s America, it’s perfectly acceptable to blaspheme against God, Jesus, the Bible and Christianity, but dare say anything against Islam and you’re instantly labeled to be a hater, a racist, a bigot and an Islamophobe. You can say anything you want against traditional marriage and abstinence, but dare anything against homosexuality, including how God says it’s a sin in the Bible, and you’re once again labeled a hater, a racist and a homophobe.

Teachers can stand up in front of a classroom of kids and trash talk God, Jesus, Christianity, America, patriotism, traditional moral values, parental rights, white history and anything else that helped shape America and made it great and nothing happens to them. Let one teacher even suggest evolution is questionable and they are reassigned or fired. Let a teacher say anything against Islam, black history or gay rights and wow, the proverbial manure hits the fan.

An entire classroom can complain about a teacher speaking out against many of the good things in America and nothing happens to the teacher, but let one student complain about a teacher promoting the good things about America and American history and again, everything hits the fan.

So, what should be done when black activist leaders stand up and threaten other blacks if they date a white person? What should happen if black activist leaders call for the complete genocide of white people?

In a report from the Toronto Sun:

“A co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto argued that white people are ‘recessive genetic defects’ and purportedly mused about how the race could be ‘wiped out,’ according to a post on what appears to be her Facebook page…”

“Khogali has a track record of inflammatory, divisive rhetoric.”

“Only last week during a protest in front of the US consulate Khogali shouted into a microphone ‘Justin Trudeau is a white supremacist terrorist’ and urged the crowd to ‘rise up and fight back’.”

“‘Look at us, we have the numbers,’ she said.”

“She also faced controversy in the news for a tweet posted a year ago stating: ‘Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today’.”

“While these remarks alarmed many Canadians, they pale in comparison to a statement numerous sources forwarded to the Sun that Khogali appears to have posted on Facebook in late 2015.”

“‘Whiteness is not humxness,’ the statement begins. ‘infact, white skin is sub-humxn.’ The post goes on to present a genetics-based argument centred on melanin and enzyme.”

“‘White ppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual,’ the post reads towards the end. ‘white ppl need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to’.”

Don’t think this is just happening across the border in Canada, but similar sentiments have been expressed by a number of black activists here in America ever since Barack Obama moved into the White House. They feel that having a dark-skinned leader empowers them to come out into the open with their racial hatred toward whites and they have.

Thanks to Obama’s fueling the fires of racial hatred in America over the past eight years, there is a growing tension in America and Canada that could soon erupt into violence and bloodshed. The saddest part of it all is that we are all ONE race. Some have different skin, hair and eye color but we are all ONE race – the HUMAN race. Yet so many are ready to attack and kill each other over these insignificant differences.

After what’s been seen over the past decade, one hates to think what’s around the corner in all of our futures.



Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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