Black Lives Matter’s Latest Stunt in St. Louis Has Stomachs Turning

There are no shortage of despicable actions by Black Lives Matter to be discussed during this time of fabricated racial upheaval in the United States.

Should you find yourself in front of a television set anytime this week, you are likely to be bombarded with a bevy of talking heads speaking about the coming “race war”, or the prevalence of neo-Nazis on the streets of America.  Certainly, these exaggerations have long been used to garner interest in the news, as 24-hour media outlets continue to incite anger and violence in order to sell advertising.

Without conflict there is no entertainment.  Without entertainment, there is no value in television programming.  Without value, CNN and their liberal cohorts would surely perish.

Now, taking a page from the liberal media’s playbook, the racist hate group Black Lives Matter is attempting to create chaos of their own in an attempt to keep themselves relevant. 

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“During the St. Louis riots, disturbing “Whites Only” signs began popping up on businesses across the city, shocking customers who’d seen the ‘racist’ displays. However, as soon as the signs caught media attention, business owners came forward with a brilliant reply that Black Lives Matter activists hoped would never get out.

“When St. Louis residents began noticing the same ‘Whites Only’ signs surfacing in store and restaurant windows, they initially believed the left’s fear-mongering myth that racist white nationalists had taken over their city. Upon closer inspection, media discovered that not only are the business owners far from being Nazi fascists, but these signs are all part of the BLM’s failed plan.

“KMOV reports that not only were the supremacist stickers placed on businesses by BLM protesters but, in their endeavor to make white entrepreneurs appear racist, they ended up posting the signs on minority-owned and run businesses. The BLM’s stunt quickly backfired once minority business owners came forward to express how foolish the signs were, showcasing that St. Louis is not a racist hub for white supremacists but an example of America’s diversity and equality.”

What Black Lives Matter has done is weaponize racism itself, turning their hatred into a whip used to lash the backs of kind and loving Americans everywhere that have been held captive by the bigotry-based organization.

Cries of “racist” and “bigot” are the new derogatory slurs, replacing “honky” and “cracker” in our PC society, all with the help of a media who runs to the bank every time that Black Lives Matter creates an ugly, anti-American stink in some poor city befallen by tragedy.


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