Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Thug Arrested For Conspiring with ISIS

Birds of a feather flock together.  Or, in this case, radicalized hate organization members flock together.

Black Lives Matter, the disorganized and embarrassingly ineffective “organization” responsible for continued racism in America, has done very little to absolve themselves from the hate and terror being spread by their militant operatives.  The deaths of five brave police officers in Dallas, Texas should have been enough to send an FBI team into dismantle the domestic terror organization, but, for some reason, they have been allowed to persist to this day.  Worse yet; every time that we are sure that we’ve heard the last from the desperate and pathetic group, some new ridiculous story perks up our ears.

“Two suburban Chicago men and Black Lives Matter supporters were arrested by the FBI on Wednesday for conspiring to support ISIS after a 19-month investigation showed they plotted to send a recruit and cell phone detonators to the terrorist organization.

“Federal officials arrested Edward Schimenti and Joseph Jones, both 35, around 5 a.m. Wednesday after an investigation that involved four federal agents and a fifth person cooperating with the bust.

“An undercover FBI agent approached Jones at the Zion Police Department in September 2015 when he came in to the station for an interview about a murdered friend, then built a relationship with the two to vet their radical views.

“Investigators allege Schimenti was plotting to attack the Naval Station Great Lakes in North Chicago, and bragged about watching ISIS videos every night, including some he allegedly shared with investigators that showed infidels beheaded by a child soldier, drown in a cage, and  blown to bits by a rocket-propelled grenade, according to the news site.

“When one undercover agent asked Jones if he considered joining ISIS, he allegedly said ‘every night and day.’”

This is just another disturbing facet of the Black Lives Matter saga, in which the former “civil rights” group has allowed themselves to radicalize into a purely terroristic cabal, hellbent on eliminating the United States’ police force, eradicating those who are not African American, and striking fear into the hearts of anyone who opposes them.

The repeatedly disgusting and racist behavior of the group, combined with their ultra-violent tendencies, should have been enough for the U.S. intelligence community to label Black Lives Matter as a “hate group”, yet enough misguided liberalism still exists within the halls of our government for the group to somehow avoid the obvious classification.

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