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Black Lives Matter Loots London: City in Flames Over Drug Dealer Death

In recent weeks, the notoriously violent Black Lives Matter radical terror network has been awfully quiet, at least in the United States.

Our allies across the pond, however, have not been so lucky after the death of a drug dealer in London set off a massive protest by the misguided, unorganized, and chaotic hate group.  In true BLM fashion, what was once considered a “protest” has almost immediately turned into a war zone.

“Molotov cocktails, fireworks, and bottles have been hurled at police during a ‘Black Lives Matter’ riot in East London following the death of an alleged drug dealer.

“Rashan Jermaine Charles, 20, died in hospital after being apprehended by police in Dalston, Hackney on the 22nd of July. He was attempting to flee a shop while swallowing a stash of drugs when tackled by officers, according to reports.

“Following the death, masked activists bearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ placards shut down Kingsland Road, set fire to bins and mattresses, and even attempted to storm a passing lorry, the BBC reports.

“Shop windows were also smashed, graffiti painted on buildings, and late-night businesses forced to close their doors.”

Black Lives Matter has been on the front lines of the liberal war on reality over the course of several months, fighting purported systemic racism the world over by looting, rioting, and committing costly acts of arson in a number of different locales.

Just over a year ago, the anarchic group hit a violence milestone when one of their indoctrinated operatives opened fire on the Dallas, Texas police force during a Black Lives Matter march.

Knowing that the Dallas police would be selflessly protecting the protesters’ right to free speech, Micah Xavier Johnson laid in wait to ambush those brave men and women.  When Johnson opened fire, chaos erupted, scattering marchers, organizers, and police over several city blocks.

When it was all said and done, Johnson had killed 5 of Dallas’ finest before being lethally incapacitated.  Johnson’s actions were unacceptably celebrated on social media by Black Lives Matter supporters around the country, leading to further recruitment for the domestic terror organization.

Given the violent and evil past of the group, this latest violence in London comes as little surprise.  With the war on police escalating under the organization’s watch, we must wonder who will finally step up to neuter these social justice jihadists.

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