Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Is Back, and Their Latest Target is Unbelievable!

Just when you thought it was safe to have common sense again, the reverse racism of “resistance” darlings Black Lives Matter has returned to the spotlight.

The loose-knit organization, which is famous for it’s lack of organization, has returned to the mainstream media after another one of their bizarre stunts has gone awry.  The group has gained notoriety in recent years for their wanton disruption of American city systems.  As early as July of 2016, the group had taken to blockading highways whenever a perceived injustice was exploited by the leftist cult of cultural justice.

Black Lives Matter protesters shut down a highway during peak morning traffic in Minneapolis, one week after police killed unarmed black man Philando Castile at a traffic stop.

A few dozen protesters parked several cars across the Interstate 35W at University Avenue around 7.50am, shouted into microphones and held signs saying “Abolish Police”.

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White and black people sat cross-legged on the tarmac, clapping and chanting in unison, while onlookers on the bridge overhead took videos.

These ridiculous tactics have become so obstructive that several states have been forced to adjust motor vehicle legislation in order to protect innocent drivers.

Lawmakers in North Dakota, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee and Texas proposed bills that would make it legal for drivers to hit protesters if the driver did not do so willfully, according to Mick Bullock, a spokesman for the National Conference of State Legislatures.
A similar bill also was introduced in Rhode Island, according to the state General Assembly’s website.
The language in these bills is remarkably similar from state to state, and in some cases, nearly identical.
Now, after a brief hiatus from their dangerous and pedantic publicity stunts, Black Lives Matter have returned in, where else, California, to once again spread their neo-Fascist and racially divisive narrative.
This time, however, they didn’t block driving lanes – they blocked entrance to the area where NBA stars were driving the lane.
Black Lives Matter turned its anti-racism sights Thursday night on … the NBA.

As a result, the Sacramento Kings and the Atlanta Hawks played a game before a largely empty arena.

According to the Sacramento Bee and other news outlets, hundreds of BLM and other left-wing protesters formed a human chain around the doors to the Golden 1 arena in downtown Sacramento.

They were protesting Sunday’s fatal shooting of Stephon Clark in the California capital. Footage of the confrontation showed that police shot Clark 20 times thinking he was holding a gun; it was an iPhone.

On one hand, we’re glad to see that Black Lives Matter has done a little bit of growing up, but there still seems to be a long way to go for these progressive pariahs.

The group’s total lack of organization has been a complete hindrance to their hopes of exposing racial injustice in America, and it’s not only the ground troops who are missing the point.  Former NFL second stringer Colin Kaepernick famously took his racially-charged protest into the realm of anti-patriotism with a decisive bit of disrespect aimed directly at the American flag and the Star Spangled Banner; a move that inspired more than a few of this new breed of BLM miscreants.

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