Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Continues Descent into Obscurity With Latest Stunt

Black Lives Matter has proven, once again, that they have no business in the world of “social justice” after an embarrassing incident in Virginia was captured on video.

The radical leftist group, which has been likened to a terrorist organization after one of their own shot and killed 5 Dallas police officers during a “peaceful protest” last year, has continually upped the ante on their ridiculous and unethical hi jinx during the Donald Trump presidency.

At the onset of Trump’s first term, the American political left began a bizarre descent into radicalism that was exponentially more profound within the ranks of Black Lives Matter, due to the group’s unhinged and disorganized nature.  Factions of BLM turned violent and aggressively demonstrative, forcefully ejecting other leftist groups from their own gatherings in order to spread their supposed “message” of “unity”.

Now, once again, the thuggish nature of Black Lives Matter is on full display as the group stormed a gathering of the ACLU in order to decry liberalism as “white supremacy”; a confusing and poorly thought-out argument for a group so ingrained in leftist lore.

“A celebration of free speech at William & Mary College in Virginia took an unexpected turn last week when protesters from Black Lives Matter swarmed the stage and forced organizers to end the event.

“’Liberalism is white supremacy!’ the protesters shouted, and ‘ACLU, you protect Hitler too!’

“The disruption occurred before Claire Guthrie Gastañaga, executive director of the ACLU of Virginia, could give a planned speech on freedom of expression.

“The protesters livestreamed the demonstration on Facebook and were heard shouting other slogans, including, ‘The oppressed are not impressed!,’ ‘Blood on your hands!,’ and ‘The revolution will not uphold the Constitution!’”

That last bit of rhetoric regarding the Constitution has long been considered part of the neo-Fascist, liberal ethos, but to hear Black Lives Matter resort to admitting it is a fascinating development in the hate group’s evolution.

The removal of the 1st Amendment has long been considered one of Antifa’s most prominent goals, and the violent liberal organization has been receiving a bulk of the media’s attention as of late.  Black Lives Matter has certainly fallen out of favor with the average radical leftist in America due to their inefficiency and shifting beliefs, and BLM’s stunt at William & Mary reeks of desperation and mimicry.

You see, Black Lives Matter’s time has come and gone.  The organization is practically defunct at this point, with Antifa taking their place as the new leftist darlings.  By aggressively appropriating the message of Antifa, BLM is likely hoping for an extension on their lease in liberal land.

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