Black Lives Matter Begs – “Don’t Vote for Hillary! She’s Killing Black People!”

Talk about a fractured party. Protesters at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia outnumbered those at the Republican National Convention. I imagine what we’re witnessing at the DNC convention is what the RNC convention could have looked like had the party’s favored candidate been successfully forced on to the Republican electorate against their will.

Obviously, not everyone in the Republican camp are on board with Trump. But I think come November, most Republicans – and probably a lot of Democrats and Independents – will be so unified against Hillary that they’ll pull the lever for the Donald.

At the DNC protests, there were tons of Bernie supporters, and Black Lives Matter protesters who are not going to be voting for Hillary.

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Say what you will about Black Lives Matter, but they’re largely anti-Hillary. That doesn’t mean that they’ll be voting for Trump. But it does mean that Hillary won’t be getting their vote.

Real Clear Politics ran a headline that read: Protester Outside DNC: “Don’t Vote For Hillary! She’s Killing Black People!” If you go to that article, you’ll see video footage of a single black woman speaking into a PA system and saying, “Don’t vote for Hillary! She’s killing black people!” In reality, there were many people chanting that and other anti-Democrat/anti-Hillary slogans.

Fast forward to about 3:10 in this video to hear all the protesters chanting that they won’t vote for Hillary, because “she’s killing black people.”

Warning: Language

Of course, once they got to a stopping point in their march, the “leader” had the white people and white media go to the back of the crowd, and the black people and black media come to the front.

Warning: Language

In another video of the same incident, one woman asked about whether it was wrong for Rosa Parks to move to the back because of the color of her skin. No one answered.

So, they’re still Black Lives Matter, even though they’re not Hillary supporters. But the media wouldn’t dare report on this. Like Real Clear Politics, they’ll try to make it look like the Democrats are completely unified, and that only one protester was saying she didn’t like Hillary.


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