Black Entertainers ‘Strut Their Stupid’ for Oscars, Grammys

As if it isn’t bad enough that indoctrinated, disgruntled black entertainment industry blockheads are vexed over alleged racism in the Academy Awards nomination process (and apparently cannot see the irony in their “racist” industry also being overwhelmingly liberal), now the Grammy Awards are coming under harsh criticism over an alleged “lack of diversity” vis-à-vis their own nominations process and – get this – an inordinate number of scheduled tributes to white artists who died over the last year in the upcoming awards program.

Apparently, some music artists of color are complaining that the Grammys should be honoring black singers Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire, and Natalie Cole alongside David Bowie, Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey and Motörhead bassist Lemmy, all of whom recently passed.

I’m not denying for a second that there may be a racial component to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences failing to duly honor entertainers of color. What I’m saying is that the message is wrong. These transgressions are being framed as reflecting institutional racism in America, when they should be framed as reflecting the institutional racism in the entertainment industry and other predominantly liberal circles.

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And the message is wrong by design. To be clear, like the spikes of racial tension and discord we’ve seen erupt during the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, the #OscarsSoWhite campaign and the attempted Grammy Grab are results of the divisive atmosphere which the administration deliberately created, and works dedicatedly to perpetuate.

Remember, these are the people who used American taxpayer money to hire groups of people to protest against George Zimmerman outside of the court while a jury deliberated in his murder trial.

To wit: I have serious doubts as to whether singer Beyoncé’s insipid, inflammatory Super Bowl halftime tribute to black nationalism originated in her teeny, tiny mind or that of her manager. She and her homely, talentless husband Jay-Z have been known to socialize with Bath House Barry and Buttzilla, so it’s well within the realm of possibility that the latter creepy couple exploited that friendship to influence the content of the most-watched television event of the year for political gain.

But I digress. Since entertainers – particularly the wildly successful ones – live within insular bubbles of unicorns, sycophants, and groupthink, they tend to be profoundly ignorant of everything outside the soundstage or recording studio. Many I suspect are some form of savants – extremely talented in their craft, but so intellectually deficient they’re barely able to walk and keep their hearts beating at the same time.

And I’m not knocking stupid people, either. Stupid people can be very loving, loyal friends, parents, partners, and so forth. But that doesn’t mean we should take the advice of famous, arrogant dopes, or – and here’s what brings our intelligence into question – showcase their baseless, moronic opinions. Honestly: Last week, two-time Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson suggested in an interview that “killing off” the Academy’s older, white members might be a viable answer to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy. Rap mogul and celebrated pinhead Russell Simmons announced that he will host his own movie awards ceremony just days before the Academy Awards show. Categories up for recognition are reported to include “Best Bad Muh F—ka”, “Best Helpful White Person”, and “Best Black Survivor in a Movie.”

Just what we need, right? Take your pick: Thompson’s murder solution, or Simmons’s racialism…

I am not saying that all entertainers are stupid, either. The problem lies in the industry itself fostering and indulging narcissistic tendencies to the degree that the stupid ones believe their misguided positions are deserving of a prominent forum.

Finally, there is that elusive, fine line between legitimate analysis of news such as the above and providing idiots a ready and perpetual forum for their idiocy.

For example: Since rap singer Kanye West ascended the stage at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards – drunk on cognac, and with the bottle still in his hand – then snatched the microphone from a startled and cowering Taylor Swift, the two have been conducting and no doubt profiting from an on-again, off-again war of words. West is particularly offensive not only because he possesses extremely marginal talent, but because he frequently showcases his mindblowing stupidity due to a boundless arrogance and the deluded belief that he’s literally a musical genius.

Most recently, Swift publicly excoriated West for attacking her with “misogynistic” lyrics in a new track of his (I won’t call it a “song”). West, who claims in said lyric that he “made that bitch [Swift] famous,” has been accused of having an unrequited crush on Swift despite his continually deriding her. I don’t know Taylor Swift personally, so I’ll leave it up to the reader to determine whether or not she would be a step up from the grotesque gypsy to whom West is married.

The point being that after all this time, in practical terms, Taylor should be ignoring Kanye, and we should be ignoring their stupid feud. All of this is significant to the American public only to the extent that it illustrates the low character and intellect of some in the entertainment industry, and the dangerous folly in legitimizing their imprudence.

My final word on the issue of Hollywood racism and black entertainers? Well, how stupid do you have to be not to recognize that you’re serving a master who exploits you and perpetuates racism?

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