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Bizarre Trump Supporting Joke Gets Weatherman Canned!

To fully understand what has transpired in this article about Hurricane Florence, we need to explore some of the more obscure incidents from the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

If this sounds strange, that’s fine.  Just hear me out.

During the confirmation hearings for future Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, one particular member of the spectating crowd has made an enormous splash by emulating a number of popular, Pro-Trump memes directly in eyesight of the cameras.

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In one instance, this young lady perfectly impersonate the “Pepe the Frog” meme that the radical left has attempted to tie to white supremacist groups unsuccessfully.

In another instance, that would certainly understood to be well-watched, this Trump supporting spectator also flashed the “okay” sign – a gesture that the liberal left has also attempted to taint as some sort of “white power” symbol.  This shows us that this young republican fully understands the ridiculousness of the left, and is purposefully triggering them in a hilarious stunt.


Our Girl… from The_Donald

Now, one local weather worker has been removed from his post after emulating this action, letting the nation know that supporters of our President exist everywhere.

A member of the Hurricane Florence response team was “removed” by the U.S. Coast Guard after he flashed the OK hand signal in the background of a live television news report.

The unidentified man briefly looked into the camera and then looked away and made the gesture over his shoulder.

Outrage followed on social media.

Some said it was inappropriate simply because of the seriousness of the hurricane. Others were offended because they connect the gesture to President Donald Trump and conservatives. Some leftists have claimed the OK sign is a signal of “white power.”

Heres’ where it gets silly:

And, again, for the record, this is not a “white power” symbol.  Not in the least.  This is a chance for a Trump supporter and frequenter of Reddit’s “The_Donald” subreddit to spread the pro-President love.

Leftist outrage abound, however, regardless of reality.

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