Bitcoin Betty Sends ISIS Cold, Hard Untraceable Cash from NYC

Over the course of the last few years, there has been an alarming increase in the amount of support that radical Islam has received from within the United States.

Much of this could, and should be attributed to former President and democratic deity Barack Hussein Obama.  The 44th President of these United States maintained a bizarre relationship with radical Islam throughout his presidency, more often than not downplaying these heinous and hellacious jihadists during public speeches.

Furthermore, Obama had very little gusto when it came to the idea of eradicating the ISIS threat.  In the middle east he took a back seat to Russian forces who were not only treading water in their dismantling of the caliphate, but who were also complicit in a number of egregious acts on behalf of monstrous Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

This sort of incompetent indifference has trickled down into the leftist ranks over time, leaving a great many radical liberals inexplicably enamored with ISIS, especially in the age of President Trump.  The “enemy of my enemy” rule seems to apply, as these petulant progressives secretly hope for a New Civil War in our nation to allow them to attack conservatives with impunity.

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Now, one woman in New York City has been caught red handed aiding and abetting this radical Islamic enemy of the people by sending nigh untraceable funds to the jihadists in waiting.

“Zoobia Shahnaz, a 27-year-old resident of Brentwood on Long Island, was charged with bank fraud and money laundering in a grand jury indictment unsealed on Thursday.

“She was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport on July 31, allegedly in the process of fleeing to Syria after using the Bitcoin digital currency to send thousands of dollars to Islamic State fighters overseas.

“’Shahnaz – a former lab tech at a Manhattan hospital – allegedly obtained her ill-gotten lucre by fooling banks into giving her a $22,500 loan and more than a dozen credit cards, which she used to purchase approximately $62,000 in cryptocurrencies online,’ the New York Post reports. ‘She then wired the digital dollars to individuals and shell entities in Pakistan, China and Turkey that were ultimately destined for the terrorist organization.’

“The grand jury indictment specifies American Express Bank, Chase Bank, Discover Bank, and TD Bank as the financial institutions she sought to defraud. The indictment also states other people were involved in the conspiracy to provide material support to the Islamic State.”

Shahnaz is just the latest in a long line of Americans who have lined up to financially assist or pledge allegiance to ISIS and their junket of jihadists.

Attacks in both Orlando, Florida and San Bernardino, California in recent years were carried out in the name of ISIS by Americans who were radicalized by the organization.

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