Bishop T.F. Tenney Opens the LAST Senate Session of the Obama Era!

Popular religious leader from Louisiana, Bishop T.F. Tenney, celebrated his 83rd birthday on Tuesday by opening the final U.S. Senate session of the Obama administration era. Tenney is a Pentecostal preacher who has been leading his church in Alexandria, Louisiana for more than 65 years! Of Tenney, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) said “Many have looked toward Bishop Tenney for guidance who by his life and by his words guides them toward a deeper relationship with God. On behalf of the entire Senate, I extend our thanks for Bishop Tenney being here today.”

Here is Bishop Tenney’s opening prayer: 🇺🇸

I am the supreme law of the United States. Originally comprising seven articles, I delineate the national frame of government. My first three articles entrench the doctrine of the separation of powers, whereby the federal government is divided into three branches: the legislative, consisting of the bicameral Congress; the executive, consisting of the President; and the judicial, consisting of the Supreme Court and other federal courts. Articles Four, Five and Six entrench concepts of federalism, describing the rights and responsibilities of state governments and of the states in relationship to the federal government. Article Seven establishes the procedure subsequently used by the thirteen States to ratify it. I am regarded as the oldest written and codified constitution in force of the world.

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