Bipartisan Group of Legislators Send Stern Message to POTUS on Pot

The world is changing rapidly in this modern age, and our nation is making enormous strides in several facets of American society.

One of those facets is the prohibition of cannabis in our country – something that has been academically attributed to scare tactics and racism in the 1930’s in which lawmakers preyed on Americans’ fear of Mexican immigrants in order to make marijuana illegal in the United States.  Since then, there has been very little success in attempting to legalize the plant on a national level, although now more than half of the states in the union have some form of legal weed; either medicinal, recreational, or both.

This has led to some fascinating studies regarding the plant’s ability to economically impact our society, as well as help treat addiction to opioids, which have become an increasingly dangerous threat to our young people.

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Recently, however, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has broken with the trends of the American voter, rolling back previous directives that forced the federal government to employ a hands-off approach to individual states’ quests for legalization.  This has a majority of Americans up in arms, including a massive swath of the conservative base who have seen the incredible impacts that the plant has had in states such as Colorado.

Session’s foolhardy move also isn’t sitting well with lawmakers on either side of the aisle, who this week filed a formal letter to the administration regarding the change on Thursday.

“Bipartisan lawmakers are urging the Trump administration to back off of marijuana, they wrote in a letter on Thursday.

“The letter, an effort spearheaded by Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts and Representative Jared Polis, Democrat of Colorado, urged the president to stand in Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ way as he attempts to roll back protections for marijuana in the United States, focusing on the president’s campaign promises to leave marijuana alone. Fifty-four members of Congress signed.

“‘As a candidate, you stated: “I really believe we should leave [marijuana] up to the states” and that “it’s got to be a state decision.” We trust that you still hold this belief, and we request that you urge the Attorney General to reinstate the Cole Memorandum,’ the letter read.”

The letter isn’t the only thing that these lawmakers are doing to ensure that the feds don’t ruin a perfectly good thing for Americans living in legalizing states.

“The signatures included those of Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Democrat of Oregon and Dana Rohrabacher, Republican of California, who are both the co-authors of a bill currently in flux that prevents the DOJ from spending any money on prosecuting medical marijuana in states where it’s legal. “

Furthermore, the plant itself has not only been found to be of medicinal value.  Hemp and it’s incredible variety of uses make for extraordinary alternative for products requiring fiber and pulp, with paper and rope being two of the more practical uses of the plant.

Should Sessions back down, it would mark an incredible victory for the American people, and could spark a green gold rush of sorts in America.

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