Bio-Hackers Fight Big Pharma with Open Source, 3D Printed $30 Epi-Pen


American ingenuity always prevails in the face of adversity, corporate greed, and the lack of compassion epitomized by the Big Pharmaceutical lobby.

The Epi-Pen is a great example.  When pharmaceutical behemoth Mylan began gouging their customers by raising the price of a single, life-saving device to $300, many customers and loved ones of those customers began to cry foul.  After months of rallying against Mylan, a very vague “solution” was proffered that had no timeline, no indicated price, and no compassion.

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Now, thanks to exponential advancements in technology, American ingenuity may have found a solution.

“While the US government held a hearing regarding Mylan’s EpiPen pricing in which a package containing two of the devices costs a whooping $600 ($300 per device), little appears to have been done except provide the public with the belief that ‘something’ will eventually be done by what is a clear case of price gouging.

“What perhaps was more effective than the expensive and ultimately superficial Congressional hearing, was a DIY biohacking group’s demonstration of turning an ordinary store-bought autoinjector into a functioning EpiPen, called an ‘EpiPencil.’

“The autoinjector-based EpiPencil costs about $30-$40.

“The demonstration helped tangibly illustrate just how cheap the components of the EpiPen really are, essentially consisting of a syringe, a needle, plastic casing, and a spring.

“Of course, the EpiPencil cannot be stored for months like the EpiPen can, but it is an important starting point for other biohackers seeking to lower the price of healthcare through innovation and opensource decentralization.”

The price gouging of sick Americans has always been a sore spot for the people of our great nation, and now that we have technological breakthroughs such as 3D printing available, greedy corporations such as Mylan will need to reevaluate their commitment to the bottom line, and reinvest their resources into actually helping their customers.


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