If Billionaire Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Ran for President He’d Do So as a …

This might surprise you, but if Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who has been an ardent critic of President Trump, ran for President, he’d do so as a Republican!

The admitted social moderate argues that he’s a “fierce” Independent, but when push comes to shove he probably fits in better in the GOP than he does in the Democrat Party. Why?

Cuban believes that Republicans are more likely to embrace a social moderate (which he is) than Democrats would be to embrace a fiscal conservative who believes that the government needs to shrink.

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From an interview with TMZ’s Harvey Levin:

Harvey Levin: Are you a Democrat or a Republican?

Mark Cuban: I’m fiercely Independent.

Harvey Levin: But if you run, you’re going to have to run one or the other.

Mark Cuban: Um, maybe.

Harvey Levin: Well, if you had to choose, what would you choose?

Mark Cuban: Probably Republican.

Harvey Levin: How come?

Mark Cuban: Because I think there’s a place for somebody who is socially a centrist, but I’m very fiscally conservative. But I think there’s better ways now to make government smaller than the old traditional Republican ways. Again, using technology, you know, government as a service can have a dramatic impact on how we live our lives. If you don’t understand technology, and you don’t understand the impact on jobs that technology is having and will continue to have, then you’re going to run into some severe roadblocks.

He’s right.

If you look at the GOP today, we are the “Big Tent” Party. We have moderate-liberals from New England and the West Coast, we have social conservatives from the South, we have libertarians from the Midwest, we have neocons, and paleocons, and big government RINOs, and limited government ideologues. We have pro-lifers, and abortion supporters. We have traditional marriage warriors, and gay marriage fans. We have votes to end the war on drugs, and we have prohibitionists who would fight tooth and nail to keep the drug war going.

In the Democrat Party they have people who say they’re “moderates” or even “conservatives,” but when it comes time to vote for policy they always fall in line with the Party. The Democrats are a block of left to far-left and they don’t often stray out of their lane… but the GOP quite willingly embraces a large cross-section of ideas, philosophies, and beliefs within a center-right paradigm.

The GOP is the big tent party of a broad range of ideas, even if the Democrats are more ethnically “diverse.” True diversity isn’t about the color of our skin, or it shouldn’t be. It should be about our willingness to be open-minded and embrace a diversity of ideas, perspectives, and values.


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