Bill O’Reilly is Joining Forces with a Talk Radio Icon

Bill O’Reilly may be down, but he’s not out and he still has a lot of friends in the TV and Radio game.

For example, his good buddy Glenn Beck just so happens to run an important news and entertainment network called the Blaze. Apparently, the two former Fox News personalities will soon be teaming up to deliver some interesting and entertaining news coverage every Friday afternoon.

O’Reilly made the announcement on the Monday episode of his podcast:

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“We’re going to do that every Friday until Beck gets tired of me. And it’s a good outlet for me to, you know, discuss things back and forth with Beck, who’s a good friend. We don’t agree on everything, but it’s very lively.”

Beck seemingly confirmed the story with a simple retweet of the Hill article that first mentioned O’Reilly’s comments.

The Hill also reminded readers that Beck has long been dubious about the allegations against O’Reilly, based on their past work experiences together and Beck’s opportunity to observe O’Reilly at Fox News’ studios.

“He had access [at Fox] to very beautiful women. We never saw him utter a word that was even blue humor. He was so buttoned up when he was around us, I find these charges hard to believe.” 

Beck had also made known his desire to work with O’Reilly again, in fact, he made a very public plea for the recently fired Fox News host to make his new home at the Blaze.

“I would like you to work for The Blaze. I could not get the cable coverage by myself because I’m not powerful enough, unless you have a giant corporation behind you. If we could unite our powers for good, as opposed to evil — but that’s another conversation.”

Now it seems that Beck will get his way and he and O’Reilly will soon be together again. Check out Friday’s episode of Glenn Beck’s radio show to get your first taste of Beck and O’Reilly uniting their “powers for good.”


Onan Coca

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