Bill O’Reilly Goes Head-to-Head with Conservative-Hating Journalist!

Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin is the perfect example of what a conservative writer should be (if conservatives were supposed to be liberals who hate conservatives). Perhaps thats why I enjoyed her appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s “The Factor” on Monday night. Rubin came on to criticize O’Reilly for not being hard enough on Donald Trump, and to tell the Fox host he wasn’t a real reporter. Not a very smart move especially for someone who is throughly disgusted by her beat, Conservative Politics.

Rubin is the type of writer who delights in bashing conservatives in the name of saving them. Kind of the way progressives bashed the medical field during the Obamacare* debate. The progressives claimed to have the medical people’s best interests at heart as they worked on a piece of legislation that would cause them all to leave the field. “Conservatives” such as Rubin spend more time bashing conservatives and conservative principals than supporting them.

O’Reilly invited the pseudo conservative on the show to defend something she wrote weeks ago “Trump should do interviews with real news people, not Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, in preparation for the debates. He’s otherwise in for a rude awakening when someone asks a real question.”

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It’s interesting that Rubin would say that, because she was in for a rude awakening as she tried to win a verbal contest with Bill O’Reilly (boys and girls can you say outmatched?)

Jennifer Rubin went after the Fox host’s professionalism, “Well, my criticism is that you actually are in the spin zone,” Rubin said of O’Reilly’s interviews with Donald Trump. “It’s presented as a news program or a pseudo-news program, and instead it’s a lot of parroting of what Trump says to you.” Rubin didn’t know who she was talking to…

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