Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly Defiantly Returning to Broadcasting TOMORROW

Well.  That didn’t take long.

Bill O’Reilly, who was terminated from his employment at cable television leader Fox News this week amid allegations of sexism and racism, will not be taking a lengthy hiatus from the airwaves.  The conservative icon will immediately be returning to broadcasting as early as tomorrow, this time in podcast form.

“Conservative newscaster Bill O’Reilly was let go by his longtime employer Fox News last week. But O’Reilly has already announced plans to come back to the airwaves this week while he potentially searches for a new television network to host his show.

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“According to O’Reilly’s website, he will be hosting a podcast beginning Monday at 7 p.m. EST. ‘Monday. The No Spin News Returns,’ reads a banner placed front-and-center on O’Reilly’s website.

“It’s unclear what O’Reilly plans to do beyond his podcast. Many believe he’s still interested in hosting a television show, though O’Reilly has not made any public comments about his future beyond a brief statement after Fox fired him. Potential network suitors include: Newsmax, One America News Network, TheBlaze and Sinclair Broadcasting.”

In podcast form, O’Reilly will no longer necessarily be beholden to the entertainment-forward aspects of cable news, meaning that his unfiltered opinions will more thoroughly allowed to shine.

O’Reilly’s name is synonymous with conservative news, and it would be extremely surprising for him to remain solely working through the podcast in the future.

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