Bill Nye’s Buffoonery is Anti-Science

Bill Nye has done it again.

The Steve Martin look-a-like contest winner, turned Kids TV star, and self-described expert in science tweeted out a definition of science so stupid that a cynical person might suggest he did it on purpose to make kids comfortable that they know more than he does:

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Think of other things that are beliefs you can solve the problem. Murder is the belief you can solve the problem (by killing it), Suicide is the belief you can solve the problem (by killing ones self), Alcoholism is the belief you can solve the problem (by forgetting about it), Religion is the belief you can solve the problem (by following scripture). Turning off the TV is the belief you can solve the problem (by not letting your kids watch an idiot like Bill Nye).

Per the Oxford dictionary Science is;  The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

And to add to the definition, real science follows a process of experimentation that must be replicable. In other words one must be able to perform the same experiment with the same methodology and materials and get the exact same results.

If Nye took “rocks for jocks” (earth science) in High School he would know the real definition of science.

Using the logic of the buffoon with a bow-tie, throwing someone in Jail is a way to solve the global warming problem. In an interview with Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, that he doesn’t mind the idea of jailing people who are skeptical of the man-made global warming hypothesis.  Nye’s attack on the First Amendment would be an extreme one for anybody. But, when one considers that the children’s TV entertainer is not a scientist and has, at times, even been ridiculed by climate experts, his comment are even more outrageous…


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