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Bill Nye Turns Crybaby When Global Warming Hoax Exposed by ACTUAL Scientist on CNN

If there’s one thing that Bill Nye the “Science” Guy knows, it’s how to keep his name on the tip of the liberal media’s tongue.

The engineering school graduate, who has magically become an expert on complex scientific issues such as climate change, has recently been on a tear throughout the press as his new Netflix-only series premieres this week.

Nye, who is riding a millennial wave of nostalgia into a second chance at an entertainment career, has fallen victim to the same bunk science that propelled liberal colleagues Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore into lucrative global warming hoax films.  Now, when confronted with an actual scientist who refutes the left’s stance on climate change, Bill Nye has been forced into the same pattern of behavior that has permeated the liberal movement:  Whining and crying.

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Bill Nye on Saturday accused CNN of doing a ‘disservice’ to viewers by bringing a climate change skeptic onto the network for a panel discussion.

“‘I will say, much as I love CNN, you’re doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic, and not 97 or 98 scientists or engineers concerned about climate change,’ Nye said during an appearance on CNN’s ‘New Day.’

“Nye was participating in a panel discussion on the network with May Boeve, the executive director of the environmental group, and William Happer, a physicist and climate change skeptic.”

Much like the liberal rioters of Berkeley, California, Bill Nye would rather bemoan and censor those who he disagrees with than be confronted with a differing opinion.  This, my friends, is no way to effect change in our great nation.  The First Amendment will always win out.

Bill Nye, your revolution, and likely your career, is over.


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