Bill Nye

Bill Nye Deemed “Too White”, “Too Male” To Lead Lefty Science March


Bill Nye, the “Science” Guy, is a television host and leading personality for liberal eco-nerds who still believe that global warming ins’t a hoax.

The actor-turned-activist with an engineering degree has been experiencing a bit of a resurgence as of late, stemming from millennial nostalgia of his hit television program form the 1990’s.  As these millennials integrate themselves into the American workforce and begin to accumulate disposable income, all things from the 1990’s have become economically viable again.  Those were simpler times for these overwhelmingly leftist youngsters, and for many, reminiscing on their past has become big business.  As such, Bill Nye is getting his own Netflix series.

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Nye, whose latest foray into the spotlight saw him debating creationist Ken Ham in a desperate plea for attention, was being considered to lead a so-called “March for Science” in Washington D.C. on Earth Day 2017.  Now, liberals aren’t too sure about the invitation; not because Nye is actually scientifically qualified, but because of his race and gender.

“…when the announcement was made he would chair the ‘March For Science,’ organizers quickly freaked out that having Nye heading up their even might be reinforcing the stereotype that all scientists are old, white men.

“(Again, Bill Nye is not a scientist, but okay.)

‘I love Bill Nye,’ said Stephani Page, a member of the March’s board, who was critical of  what she considered the March’s lack of diversity. ‘But I do feel comfortable saying to you what I said to the steering committee: He is a white male, and in that way he does represent the status quo of science, of what it is to be a scientist.’

“Organizers of the event have gone off the deep end – insisting that ‘intersectionality’ ‘diversity’ and ‘queer-, grans-, intersex-phobia’ are scientific issues.”

The war on white men has been declared before, under the auspices of “corporate diversity” and the like, but this latest affront is just absurd.

Don’t misinterpret this:  In no way am I defending Bill Nye, whose qualifications and insistence on perpetuating the climate change hoax should disqualify him from ever using the word “science” again.  What we should be concerned with is the new social normality of belittling white males.  “All men are created equal”.  We mustn’t fall for the fringe left’s insistence that “reverse racism” isn’t just plain, old-fashioned racism.  Equality is equality.  It really is just that simple.

Yet, this is the agenda of the left.  To patronize and degrade those not different enough.  What they are attempting is to bring the core of society to the fringes through their deplorable dehumanization of “normies”.

What they are doing is discriminating.

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