Bill Maher Warns Democrats to Stop with the “Identity Politics”

HBO’s Bill Maher recently appeared on CNN’s the Lead with Jake Tapper where the acerbic and sometimes controversial host laid out some hard truths for the Democrat Party.

Today’s Democrats, Maher argued, or way too caught up with the identity politics game and far too interested in things that the voters just don’t care about. (Maher also points out that Hillary Clinton was just a terrible candidate.)

“You said on your show that liberals need to stop trying to win over Trump voters with facts. So what should Democrats do to win over Trump voters?” Tapper asked the HBO host. “Well,” Maher replied, “I was just going to say, a bit of it should ease up on the identity politics. They pulled off quite a neat trick in 2016. They made white people who are still the majority in this country feel like a minority or at least enough of them to swing the election. So, I think that’s important. Make sure you look like you represent everybody, including the majority.” 

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Tapper later asked Maher about his recent (now famous) moment when he called Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas,” and Maher explained that the upset over that is the exact problem that Democrats have.

“That was a tense little moment there. What did you make of her reaction, and do you think when the president calls her that that it’s an ethnic slur?” Tapper wondered. Maher explained that while Tapper was technically right, the spirit of the issue was more important. “Technically yes,” Maher said. “Should we get that upset about it? Of course not. This is, again, one of the problems that Democrats have. Is that they obsess about things like Halloween costumes and the name of the Washington Redskins and there’s millions of people in this country who are saying, ‘How about a little bit more of I’m going to get your job back?’

Maher’s commentary here is a BIG part of the reason that the Trump campaign was so effective both in the GOP primary, and in the general election. People are tired of the Democrats’ game of identity politics and politically correct harassment.

Onan Coca

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