Bill Maher

Bill Maher Takes Liberal ‘Resistance’ Schtick to Unforgivable New Level

This “resistance” thing is getting more than a little out of hand these days, with any number of nobodies pretending that their own personal protests are some sort of revolution waiting to happen.

Much of this bloviated blustering comes to us from the millennial generation, who have been weaned on stories of vengeance and epic dystopian futures for much of their lives.  These young Americans believe that the only outcome to a President that they don’t like is a Hollywood-smeared version of Nazism or Fascism, and this “resistance” they’ve formed is nothing more than a buzzword made popular by movies and television.

In other words, all of these angry under-30 ideologues are just playing out some fantasy of joining a rebellion, without a care in the world for what this will actually mean if the fecal matter finds its way to the proverbial fan.

Of course, the entertainment industry has caught wind of this confluence between pop culture fiction and the “resistance”, and are actively working to include some of these key phrases in their political coverage in hopes of attracting these young Americans who often don’t receive their information through the legacy channels in the media.  Bill Maher of HBO fame is doing just that this week, as he drops the “T” word in order to entice this angsty generation into action.

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On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher argued President Trump doesn’t often act in the interests of the United States “purposefully, if they’re at cross-interests with his personal interests.” He further stated that this is “treason” to him.

Maher said, “I don’t feel like he’s often acting in the interests of the United States of America, purposefully, if they’re at cross-interests with his personal interests. To me, that’s treason.

“Treason”?  This is a low and pathetic stunt, even for a has-been like Maher, whose wry sarcasm and sardonic arrogance aren’t connecting well with the new wave of democratic voters.  His “humor” is simply going over their heads the same way that Jordan Peterson’s lectures dumfound democrats and the “TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER” crowd.

This intolerant and inharmonious series of stunts by the liberal left has already lead to political violence in our nation, so what more is Maher hoping to achieve by dropping the “T” bomb?

Likely, more of the same.


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