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Bill Maher Makes Yet Another Trump-Nazi Comparison for “Resistance”

This modern political war in America has seen a number of tired and repetitive tactics being employed by the liberal left, the most prominent of which reminds us of the horrors of World War II.

The left has truly turned political argument into a mathematical science of semantics.  When they’re not busy inventing genders or adding letters to the LGBTQ community’s moniker to confuse us, the left attempts to dazzle and wow us with their progressive yet unintelligible new realities that require literally zero facts to construct.  This is how they plan to stay “one step ahead” of those not subscribed to their indoctrination program, which is very literally ingrained in every media platform available.

Of course, the left does keep a cache of other insults available as well.  Their most favorite is, of course, calling anyone that they disagree with “Hitler”.  It’s something that they have done constantly over the course of the last few decades, even if two of their “Hitlers” are diametrically opposed in the political spectrum.

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It’s the same plausible deniability that allows the neo-Fascist, anti-free speech wing of the democratic party to call themselves “Antifa”.  When you deal in absurdity the way that the left does, you can literally say whatever you want.

Now, leftist figurehead Bill Maher has jumped on the Nazi comparison train as well, comparing customs agents to the Gestapo – Hitler’s special police force.

“On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher argued that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ‘is the Gestapo, and they’re acting like it.’

“After Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) brought up the deportation of Jorge Garcia during a discussion on the DACA protests that took place outside of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) home, Maher said, ‘I mean, Trump may not be Hitler, but ICE is the Gestapo, and they’re acting like it.'”

This asinine comparison is not only tired and overused, but it makes literally no sense.

ICE is merely enforcing the laws that our nation have come to agree on.  There was no new Donald Trump decree that made illegal immigrants illegal…that is just what they have always been.  We’re not sending these men and women to concentration camps either.  Instead, we are giving them the opportunity to rejoin America the legal way – an opportunity that many nations around the globe do not afford to visitors.


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