Bill Maher

Bill Maher Calls Off #MeToo Movement to Defend Former Politician

Bill Maher has been doing his leftist schtick for ages, ranting and raving about how traditional American values just don’t jibe with the global community.

After all, this is the man behind a documentary that looked to detract from the very idea of religion as whole back in 2008.

Maher’s current platform is his long running political talk show on HBO in which Maher invites a variety of guests to traverse between comedic bits and political pontification in his lax, stoner-vibe manner.  And while we have agreed with Maher in the past on very, very specific bits of his routine, the man is an over progressive who seems to toe the democratic party lines more often than he thinks for himself.

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That’s why it’s almost not surprising that Bill Maher would call for an effective end to the #MeToo movement, saying that sexual predator Al Franken should be preparing to re-enter the world of politics.

Maher stated, “Until Donald Trump is no longer president, don’t talk to me about any cause except Democrats winning elections.”

He continued that being ridiculed is Trump’s weakness and proposed that Franken should get back into politics.

Maher added, “America always overreacts, and then has buyer’s remorse. … And certainly, one of the all-time overreactions was Al Franken, sex predator.” Maher then stated that the picture of Franken was a joke that Franken apologized for. He also said the woman in the picture, Leeann Tweeden, is close with Sean Hannity and Donald Trump Jr. and that Roger Stone knew something would drop about Franken before Tweeden published the photo.

The photo, for those who do not remember it, was astoundingly crude and was taken in the midst of Franken harassing Ms. Tweeden on a near-constant basis, even attempting to write romantic scenes into a USO skit that would have Franken and Tweeden canoodling in front of US troops.

Al FrankenWhat Bill Maher is effectively saying is that Frank has paid his debt to society for these actions by simply losing his job temporarily.

This, folks, is unacceptable.

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