Bill Maher

Bill Maher Attempts to Be Voice of Reason to His Anti-Free Speech Audience

There is a worrisome trend occurring among liberals in this day and age, in which the Freedom of Speech guaranteed to us by the Constitution seems almost inconsequential and secondary to their hyper-partisan goals.

The most blatant bit of evidence of something like this came to us from Berkeley in February of 2017, when literal riots broke out on the campus of the University of California in a successful attempt to force the school to cancel an appearance by gay conservative author Milo Yiannopolous.

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The threat of a repeat also caused the cancelation of an appearance by Ann Coulter, and heavily affected the reach and scope of a later lecture by pundit Ben Shapiro.

There is no room for argument here:  This is censorship by force and a grave danger to our First Amendment rights.

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Now, as the gargantuan companies of Big Tech continue to censor conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, liberal television host Bill Maher has been forced to explain to his leftist audience just what “free speech” really means.

Hearing a guest shout “Thank God!” for censorship was more than a bit terrifying, and the audience cheering for the removal of our First Amendment rights should be alarming to anyone in this great nation of ours.

And Maher makes a great cheerleader for free speech simply because he really, really dislikes Alex Jones.  Maher realizes that this is not okay, period, no matter the “enemy”, so to speak.

Of course, the points about Facebook, YouTube, and others raking in the cash due to the controversy that Alex Jones provided were accurate as well, and perfectly illustrate the hypocrisy of any of these internet “gatekeepers” choosing to take a side.

We don’t always agree with Bill Maher, (rarely ever, in fact), but hearing his cogent bristling against his guests on this subject is a stark reminder that somewhere in the comedian’s brain is the semblance of patriotism.

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