Are Bill and Hillary Clinton Making the Same Mistake Eric Cantor made?

Bill and Hillary Clinton may be following the same path of Eric Cantor.

What do Bill and Hillary Clinton have to do with Cantor? I’m including Bill here because he’s just as much as part of this campaign as she is. Let me explain. It is the typical year of the establishment strikes back.  It’s 2014, the year where Mitch McConnell will crush the tea party. McConnell and company strikes hard and kills. They eviscerated primary challenges up and down the ballot. Dave Brat is toast like countless other tea party insurgents. Like Hillary, Eric Cantor is too powerful.  Cantor is the majority leader. He has too much money and influence. Brat is a mosquito headed toward the establishment bug zapper. Cantor is counting on his campaign of intimidation. A flood of negative ads will strike a death blow to Dave Brat. Cantor is counting on voters and Dave Brat’s campaign to be passive. He counted wrong.

Bill and Hillary Clinton and their negative attack ads are doing more damage to her than to Donald Trump.

When you hit the nuclear button, you run the risk of getting blown to smithereens. Coincidentally, That is exactly what Bill and Hillary Clinton are doing to Trump in these political ads. The constant barrage of bimbos that the press is lining up for Hillary is adding fuel to that fire. Remember that line you’ve heard from a couple of presidential campaigns back from Bill Clinton? Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.”  Regardless if you think Trump is or is not a womanizer, nobody believes these allegations anymore.

Let’s make the connection with Eric Cantor and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

From 2014, here’s Dave Brat’s reaction to Cantor’s ridiculous ads against him:

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“The negative ads calling me a liberal professor at first they started off with kind of comic strips,” Brat said in an interview here late Tuesday night. “And everyone kind of liked them. Me and my boy watched them the first night and kind of died laughing. We thought they were funny.”

“They gave me $1 million in name ID and I think that got us going, I think. I’m not a political expert on that, but I think they kind of saw that was happening and they made those a little darker, and they were black and green and looked like a Star Wars thing by the time they got done with it – it made me look like a pretty serious guy.”

Ironically, it is laughable for Bill and Hillary Clinton to sit there trying to dump dirty laundry on Trump. Because, this is the same Hillary Clinton who has a Bill Clinton problem and now an Anthony Wiener problem.  Hillary is going to sit there and tell us she is for women rights? Everyone and their mother know that Hillary has been putting out sexual assault and rape fires for Clinton for years.  Unfortunately for her, the media can’t help her no more. Hillary, like Cantor, has gone overboard with dumping on Trump, and it will cost her the election.

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