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Bill De Blasio Emboldens Militant Left with Liberal Take on Columbus Statue

At the rate we’re going, we will be lucky if we can take our children into a public park to teach them about American history any time in the future.

The radical left, or “alt-left”, has been hard at work over the course of the last few weeks attempting to remove any piece of the American story that could be offensive to anyone.  Not only does that mission include the toppling and vandalizing of Civil War monuments dedicated to those who fought and died on American soil, but their scope has expanded to include founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, as well as Jesus and Mary.

Worse yet, liberal politicians have been egging on the violent and hate-filled leftists in order to stay ahead of the 2018 election in which they will need to somehow rally the democratic base in order to stay relevant.

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Of course, New York City is no exception to this liberal lunacy, with Mayor Bill De Blasio now getting in on the action.

“New York’s Mayor has stepped in it again. This time he is bowing to the pressure by Leftist groups, to take down what they and he are referring to as ‘symbols of hate,’ but what most reasonable people refer to as ‘statues commemorating historical events.’ So, according to de Blasio and his likeminded ilk, apparently history is just one long hate filled episode that needs to be erased. The only problem is that history cannot be erased.

“The newest target of these would-be destroyers of history is the 100+ year old statue of Christopher Columbus in the center of New York’s famed Columbus Circle. The statue was a gift from New York’s Italian community in 1892, and also from groups such as the NYPD Columbia Association, which counts thousands of Italian American police officers as members. De Blasio himself bears an Italian name and often pretends to be in solidarity with the Italian community as he proudly waves an Italian flag, especially during the COLUMBUS DAY PARADE.  Will he also try to change the name of the parade? Hypocrite.”

This new wave of historical censorship comes at a time that snowflake liberals have been attempting to commandeer our First Amendment in order to neuter and disband what it stands for.

By disallowing any symbol that could at all be construed as offensive, the left is using the court of public opinion to justify their stipulations to free speech – a common tactic employed by despots and dictators who aim to control their captive populations.


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